Where is Misty Carausu now? | The police officer who linked the cases in Netflix’s ‘American Nightmare’

Misty Carausu

What did Misty Carausu do? 

Misty Carausu was an up-and-coming police officer with the Dublin Police Department in California when she was asked if she wanted to come along to investigate the crime scene of a home invasion and attempted kidnapping in 2015. She took the case on and her tenacity to get to the bottom of the mystery surrounding the home invasion and the links to the Aaron Quinn and Denise Huskins home invasion and kidnapping case in Vallejo made her a name in the police department. 

In the summer of 2015, Misty was a recently promoted detective with big ambitions and a penchant to do the right thing. She joined law enforcement because one of her friends had been sexually assaulted and hadn’t been believed by the authorities. She was determined to change this attitude of law enforcement and to be that cop who stood up for the real victims in cases. 

What happened in the home invasion case she was investigating? 

When Carausu was assigned to a local home invasion/attempted kidnapping and assault case in June 2015, she learned that the wife got away and called 911 while the husband fought with the intruder who was trying to abduct their 22-year-old daughter. The police discovered a cell phone left behind by the perpetrator at the scene of the crime.

A phone call was made to the mother of the assailant by police, with them claiming they just wanted to return the phone to her son. The device was linked to a man called Matthew Muller, and his mother told police he was currently staying at his cabin in South Lake Tahoe. A search of Matthew’s cabin led to potential evidence that could connect him to Denise’s kidnapping.

Carausu was intrigued by a pair of swimming goggles found at the scene with a long blonde hair attached to them that didn’t link to any of the victims of the home invasion she was investigating in Dublin. She chased up this lead with other law enforcement agencies and heard back from Palo Alto police in California, where Muller’s name had come up in a home invasion in October 2009, but still no link to the blonde hair found at the cabin. 

Carausu also found out Matthew had been driving a stolen car at the time. She discovered the vehicle was stolen around the time Denise Huskins was kidnapped. The GPS in the car linked it to the Vallejo area, and also 400 miles away in Huntington Beach where Denise was released from captivity.

Carausu called Vallejo PD to inform them of the links with Denise’s kidnapping, but they told her the FBI had taken over the case. She contacted FBI agent David Sesma and told him they had a suspect in custody similar to Denise’s kidnapper. He said he’d have a look and was shocked when he realised the cases could be linked. Carausu was single-handedly responsible for the Vallejo PD starting to believe Denise’s kidnapping story. 

Where is Misty Carausu now?

She now serves as a sergeant with Alameda County in California and has held this position since 2018. 

Misty Carausu currently resides in Livermore, California, with her husband and their 2 young daughters. She is a close friend of Aaron Quinn and Denise Huskins, whom she helped to exonerate in their horrific home invasion. 

Misty Carausu’s investigation into Matthew Muller is a big part of Netflix’s new 3-part true crime documentary series American Nightmare

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13 thoughts on “Where is Misty Carausu now? | The police officer who linked the cases in Netflix’s ‘American Nightmare’”

  1. Sgt Carausu,

    You are an angel, a gift from God! As I watched American Nightmare I put a comment on Facebook about not trusting law enforcement. I’ve never had a positive experience with law enforcement but as I watched your interview I could see in your eyes that you were not going to give up, that you had a purpose in this case and you were going to see it through no matter what. I so wish more law enforcement had this attitude. That they actually loved their jobs and knew they could make a difference. You absolutely did! I have never tried to comment to anyone but felt compelled to comment. I can’t even put into words how much my heart swells to know you are out there helping others and that someone in law enforcement is actually a good person. Thank you for your service!

    Ann Clasen

  2. Mysty is a true police….she shows how a real member of a Police Department must behave…. SHAME ON VALLEJO PD!!! They are the most incompetente and useless Police in the world??? I think so…

  3. Misty was a true hero and exemplifies what all cops should aspire toward.

    Must have been pretty hard for Vallejo PD to watch this movie that highlighted their biases and shortcomings. I can’t believe that they were only sued for $2.5m.

  4. Sergeant Misty Carausu is an example to all sworn officers. I am so grateful for her service and courage. She made the difference. All police need to take notes and strive to be as great as SGT. Carausu.

  5. When I think of what I want in law enforcement I think leaders like Misty Carausu. Law enforcement system needs a total overhaul and I hope they use Misty as their example role model. Would love to see more woman like Misty highlighted, emulated and awarded.

  6. Misty represents exactly what law enforcement should be. She is a hero in every sense! Thank you! (I left a much longer comment, but it all suddenly erased).

  7. I am so proud and grateful for courageous police like Misty Carausu, who truly work for justice for the sake of truth & the safety of the public. I am shocked at the police in this case who were quick to believe the victims to be perpetrators of a hoax, rather than believe them. They should definitely have been stood down from their positions as they give the police force a very bad name.

    I am also grateful for journalists and media personalities who do not just jump on the bandwagon of what will sell the most news, but what will help promote truth and truly value those in need of justice.

  8. She’s a hero for all Americans and other law enforcement should follow in her steps. Sue the FBI too!
    Can’t believe they settled out of court for a mere $2.5M!!!!!

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