Where is Melinda Loveless now? | The Murder of Shanda Sharer

Melinda Loveless

What did Melinda Loveless do?

Melinda Loveless was one of four teenagers who tortured and burned to death Shanda Sharer in Madison, Indiana. She was 12 years old at the time of her death, and the case attracted attention across the world due to both the brutal nature of the murder and the young age of the murderers. 

In 1990, 14-year-old Loveless began dating another 14-year-old named Amanda Heavrin, but the relationship with her deteriorated over time. Heavrin met Shanda Sharer early in the fall semester at Hazelwood Middle School when they got into a fight. They became friends while in detention for the incident, and later exchanged romantic letters. Loveless was jealous, and in early October 1991, Heavrin took Sharer as her date to a school dance, where Loveless confronted Sharer and threatened her. 

On the night of 10th January 1992, Loveless and a group of friends: Laurie Tackett, Hope Rippey and Toni Lawrence kidnapped Sharer from her home. Loveless and Tackett beat her and took turns stabbing Sharer in the chest. They then strangled Sharer with a rope until she was unconscious, and they placed her in the trunk of the car and set fire to her, killing her. 

What happened during the trials?

All 4 girls were charged as adults, and to avoid the death penalty, they all accepted plea bargains. 

Loveless and Tackett got the heftier sentences for their direct involvement in the torture, and received 60 years in prison. However, Tackett was released in 2018 and Loveless was released in 2019 after appeals. Loveless was imprisoned at Indiana Women’s Prison in Indianapolis and Tackett served her sentence at Rockville Correctional Facility. Rippey and Lawrence were also released early on parole. 

Where is Melinda Loveless now?

After Melinda Loveless was released in September, 2019, she trained service dogs for those living with trauma and disabilities. She has also reportedly changed her name since being released and prefers to stay away from the public domain. Her last known location was Indiana. Tackett, Rippey and Lawrence have also kept a low profile since they got out of prison. 

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  1. Indiana justice stinks. All four should have been executed in the electric chair. The prosecutor and district attorney never should have allowed a plea deal. And the Indiana early release policy is a disgrace. They all served less than half their sentence.

  2. All four of those evil whores should have never been released. They don’t ever deserve to ever see the light of day again. I hope someone attacks them like they attacked Shanda. They should be stabbed and burned alive. The fact that they are out of prison is a travesty of justice. They don’t regret one bit what they did. The only thing they regret is getting caught. Melinda changed her name because she is coward and don’t want any one to know how evil she is. She should never have been allowed to change her name. The law should have forbidden her from doing that because everyone deserves to know what an evil whore she is.

  3. None of them should be FREE after murdering that innocent child. All 4 should be burning in hell.

  4. You get life for a life. You teach everyone that m, doesn’t matter what age.
    Your job is would be low income whatever in prison. You would be productuctive away from others who are and have learned to control themselves. Do not kill. Period

  5. Melinda loveless should give the ring back to her MuM!!!! SIRIEALY I really hope I run into her….it would be fun.

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