Where is Mat Mustard now? | The detective in Netflix’s ‘American Nightmare’ who accused the couple of a hoax

Mat Mustard

What did Mat Mustard do? 

Mat Mustard was the lead detective in the Aaron Quinn and Denise Huskins home invasion/kidnapping and rape case, but he failed to believe Quinn’s story when bringing him in for questioning. With Denise missing, Mustard accused Quinn of murdering his girlfriend and subjected him to an intense interrogation and polygraph test. 

Once Denise was released from captivity, his failure to investigate the case properly continued as he branded it ‘the Gone Girl case’ by claiming the events were similar to that of the recent David Fincher thriller, Gone Girl, which tells the story of a woman who fakes her kidnapping to frame her husband for murder. Mustard and his team thought the couple’s version of events sounded too far-fetched and was possibly a hoax. Quinn and Huskins were then accused of wasting government time and resources.

What happened next?

Matthew Muller was eventually caught for kidnapping and assaulting Denise after the home invasion. This confirmed the couple wasn’t lying and Mustard was barking up the wrong tree with his theories. Quinn later discovered his lie detector test results had been inconclusive and he had been made to think he failed it.

In 2016, the couple took legal action against the City of Vallejo and filed a defamation lawsuit. The police department refused to acknowledge the allegations made against them. However, the case was settled outside of court in 2018 and Quinn and Huskins were awarded $2.5 million in damages. 

Where is Mat Mustard now? 

Despite his disgraceful behaviour during this case, Mat Mustard received the Officer of the Year award in 2015 from his local department. Mustard and other officers were never disciplined for their role in traumatising the innocent couple and their failure to investigate the case properly. 

Mustard was the president of the Vallejo Police Officers Association from 2009 to 2019. In 2018, reports suggest Mustard was promoted to a sergeant. He is currently serving as a detective sergeant in the Vallejo Police Department in the San Francisco Bay Area of California.

Mat Mustard’s botched investigation is part of Netflix’s new 3-part true crime documentary series, American Nightmare.

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  1. Mat “The Puzzle Maker” Mustard is an absolute twat. The most confusing thing is that people seemed surprised the cops were more concerned about a conviction than actually solving the case, they have and always have done this.

  2. Shame on Mr Mustard and his team! I’m embarrassed to live in a country where something like this could take place! His award should be revoked and he should be removed from his position! Shameful!!!

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