Where is Mark Rogowski now? | The former skateboarder convicted of murder

Mark Rogowski

What did Mark Rogowski do?

Mark Rogowski is an American murderer who raped and killed Jessica Bergstein in 1991. It was quite the fall from grace for Rogowski, who was a prominent professional skateboarder in the 1980s. 

Bergsten was a 22-year-old woman with her whole life ahead of her when she asked Rogowski to show her around San Diego on the 20th of March 1991. They spent the day together, but she was reported missing soon after. Rogowski claimed Bergsten went back to his place to watch movies, drink wine and smoke weed. He said he hit her on the head several times before raping her. He then placed his hand over her mouth until she stopped breathing. After this, he drove the body to the Shell Canyon desert and put her in a shallow grave. 

Bergsten’s badly decomposed body was found by campers on the 10th of April 1991. Rogowski turned himself in the next day, having been wracked with guilt, and confessed to the murder. Rogowski claimed he killed Bergsten in a misplaced act of revenge towards an old girlfriend.

What happened during his trial? 

Rogowski’s skateboarding career was over as soon as he pleaded guilty to raping and murdering Jessica Bergsten in 1991. He was charged with “special circumstances” for committing the murder during rape. Under California’s laws, this can lead to the death penalty or life imprisonment without the possibility of parole, but pleading guilty saved him from this.

Rogowski was sentenced in March 1992. He received a 31-year to life prison sentence: This included 6 years for the rape and 25 years to life for the first-degree murder. Rogowski was denied parole in 2011 and 2016.

Where is Mark Rogowski now?

As of November 2023, Rogowski is incarcerated at Donovan State Prison in San Diego. He is 57 years old now. 

In 2022, Rogowski was granted parole. However, Governor Gavin Newsom reversed the parole board’s decision, meaning Rogowski would stay in prison. 

Rogowski’s life was the subject of the critically acclaimed documentary titled Stoked: The Rise and Fall of Gator in 2023. 

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