Where is Kenny Park now? | The policeman from ‘American Nightmare’ who called the kidnapping a hoax

Kenny Park

What did Kenny Park do? 

Kenny Park was a lieutenant in the Vallejo police department who accused Aaron Quinn and Denise Huskins of lying about a kidnapping and home invasion. Denise was sexually assaulted and held for ransom.

Park was serving as the department spokesperson when he publicly declared in a press conference that the abduction of Denise Huskins was a hoax. The comments gained large media attention, and when it was discovered ex-marine Matthew Muller was actually responsible for the crime, Park was heavily criticised for his comments. 

In a direct quote from the press conference, Lt Kenny Park said: 

“Mr. Quinn and Ms. Huskins have plundered valuable resources away from our community and has taken the focus away from the true victims of our community, while instilling fear among our community members. If anything, it is Mr. Quinn and Ms. Huskins that owe this community an apology.”

What happened after Park’s allegations were proven to be false? 

A month after Muller was arrested for the crime, Vallejo police Chief Andrew Bidou issued apologies to Quinn and Huskins. 

Bidou admitted Park’s comments “contributed to the difficulty and personal ordeal that you have experienced. While these comments were based on our findings at the time, they proved to be unnecessarily harsh and offensive.”

Despite Bidou’s grovelling apology, Park didn’t apologise or back down from his comments about the incident. Park sent text messages to others moaning about his depiction in the media. These messages were released by the city via a public records request. The aim was to gain information from cell phones of police officials during the civil lawsuit brought by Quinn and Huskins against the Vallejo police department.

3 years after Denise’s abduction, the city of Vallejo agreed to pay the couple $2.5 million to settle a defamation lawsuit they brought against the city.

It later came out that Bidou allegedly ordered a former police captain to delete messages from his cell phone which directed Park to ‘burn that bitch’ referring to Huskins prior to the incendiary press conference he led. 

Where is Kenny Park now?

Kenny Park has now left the Vallejo Police Department. He left on the 30th of December 2020. It is unclear whether Park retired from the department or was fired. A department spokesman declined to confirm the nature of Park’s departure as it was personal and private information. 

Kenny Park is featured in archival footage in Netflix’s new 3-part true-crime documentary series, American Nightmare.

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14 thoughts on “Where is Kenny Park now? | The policeman from ‘American Nightmare’ who called the kidnapping a hoax”

  1. Not one, but several incompetent police officers/FBI – classic that it should be a woman who revealed the truth, without her where would these poor people be now!
    Unbelievable sad case of police negligence and poor judgement!
    How many of these do we not hear about 😪

  2. MGM should let him go. Very disturbed by his and Vallejo police’s action in the case. I’m pro police and know there are great officers / departments out there but Vallejo is exactly the culture we don’t need in law enforcement.

  3. Sick bastards threw resources at the case when they got a hard on assuming the boyfriend killed her. When she was found alive and their balls were blue, they did as men do….. get mad at the woman and blame her when they didn’t get their rocks off.

  4. I’m saddened at the gross negligence from Vallejo Police and the FBI. How do they protect and promote pure bullies and incompetence? How do they validate this within their institution when the public asks for improvements. People in these positions need to do better and held accountable.

  5. And what about Mustard? That was some crazy accusations in the interrogation. And that Sema FBI agent? All good? No conflict of interest investigated there? If this series doesn’t lead to re-opening personal cases, how will this all not continue to be common?

  6. Incompetent police want to be lionized unquestioningly by the communities that they often fail to serve and sometimes brutalize. The cops in Texas who refused to enter a school while kids were being murdered and slandered the mothers who were braver than they were, the cops who failed to investigate the Vallejo abduction and then slander the victims. This is why we don’t trust cops. American policing is a system that refuses to be critical about itself, only looking to put the blame outwards while it grows fatter and more incompetent. They fire whistleblowers and promote sociopaths and cowards.

  7. Our comments were consistent with the investigation at the time… the investigation you didn’t do?? What imbeciles- they end up getting pats on the back and promotions. Toilet brushes all them – terrible humans. I hope they all have the lives they deserve.

  8. Shame on the Vallejo PD and their bumbling efforts to investigate the Huskins kidnapping. Their police chief Bidou is a self-righteous moronic twit who should have been investigated, humiliated, and fired for his incompetence and recklessness. I hope he has many sleepless nights….the fucker!!!.

  9. Officers like Park and Bidou are the reason why people don’t trust the police. Park’s unprofessional public statements and the media coverage of the false narrative that victim blamed Quinn and Huskins perpetuates the toxic practice of confirmation bias. The fact that this case was dubbed “Gone Girl” is insanity. A movie that has nothing to do with reality is being used as a reference for police and media suspicions? Were the couple proven to have been obsessed with the movie? Did they have the book in their possession? Why are ignorant people allowed such power? It’s truly maddening how evil law enforcement can be and how absolutely inhumane the salacious media outlets can be.

  10. I think he is an incompetent member of law enforcement and a repugnant human being. He should have been personally sued.

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