Where is Jesse Kempson now? | The Murder of Grace Millane

Jesse Kempson

What did Jesse Kempson do?

Jesse Kempson murdered a young British backpacker on a Tinder date in Auckland, New Zealand, in 2018. Grace Millane was embarking on the adventure of a lifetime as she travelled around New Zealand on a gap year. On her birthday, she met up with a Kempson for a date after initially matching and talking to each other on Tinder. 

He took her back to his hotel and strangled her to death before putting her body in a suitcase and disposing of it in the Waitakere Ranges. 

What happened during the trial? 

The trial took place at Auckland High Court, and Kempson’s defence team argued that Grace Millane died due to an accident after consensual rough sex, but the prosecution slammed this suggestion and made the point that Kempson made no attempt to report the accident, and instead disposed of the 21-year-old’s body. 

Incriminating phone data evidence at the trial showed he had used Google to browse websites for large duffel bags, suitcases, and a car to dispose of Grace’s body after she died. He was seen on CCTV the day after the murder, casually going to buy a suitcase, and bringing it back to his hotel to put Grace’s body in it. 

He was convicted of murder on the 22nd of November 2019 and was sentenced to life in prison, with the possibility of parole in 17 years. It was later revealed that Kempson had raped another British tourist 8 months before Grace’s death. He was found guilty of 9 other charges at other trials and given an 11-year prison sentence, which will be served concurrently with his sentence for Grace’s murder.

Where is Jesse Kempson now? 

Kempson is serving his life sentence at Auckland Prison in New Zealand. He has tried to appeal his sentence, but it was turned down in 2021. The prison facility he is being held at aims at rehabilitating rather than punishing offenders, but it’s up for debate if Kempson is capable of being rehabilitated after his horrific crimes. 

The prison was opened in 2018 and it’s been designed to provide inmates with more “humane conditions.” The facilities include individual TVs, personal showers, and kiosks to order snacks and drinks.

There is a documentary currently streaming on Sky Crime and Now titled, The Murder of Grace Millane, and it’s well worth a watch, as it tells the full story of the horrific murder, using CCTV obtained from the case. 

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