Where is Jeremy Bamber now? | The case of the White House Farm murders

Jeremy Bamber

What did Jeremy Bamber do? 

Jeremy Bamber allegedly murdered his adoptive parents Nevill and June Bamber, his adoptive sister Sheila Caffell and her six-year-old twin sons, Daniel and Nicholas at White House Farm in Essex in 1985. It was considered that he committed the murders to gain a large inheritance. The prosecution claimed he placed the rifle that killed the family in the hands of his sister, who had been diagnosed with schizophrenia, to make it look like a murder suicide. 

What happened during the investigation and trial? 

The initial view of the case by the police was that Sheila Caffell had committed the murders. But as time went on, they started to suspect Jeremy Bamber due to his strange behaviour and lack of remorse. They also supposedly found holes in his initial account of events that led up to the murders. Bamber was put on trial for the murders, convicted and sentenced to life in prison, with a whole life tariff, meaning he has no chance of ever getting parole. 

Is Jeremy Bamber innocent? 

Bamber has maintained his innocence for 38 years now and has repeatedly applied to have his conviction overturned. The court of appeal upheld the conviction in 2002 and also rejected further applications by Bamber in 2004 and 2012. In 2021, a new application was lodged for referral to the court of appeal. Many believe he is actually innocent of the murders. If he is innocent, this case would be one of the worst miscarriages of justice in the history of the British legal system. 

Where is Jeremy Bamber now? 

Jeremy Bamber is currently serving his life sentence at HM Prison Wakefield. He has worked with other prisoners to help them learn to read and write, and won several awards for transcribing books in the prison’s braille workshop. 

He has been attacked on several occasions, and received twenty-eight stitches on his neck after being attacked while making a telephone call. He is 62 years of age, and continues to fight for his freedom. 

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  1. As a former criminal justice professional I accept the latest court judgment BUT I think there needs to be a further appeal so the court can consider again such issues as Nevil Bamber’s phonecall to Witham (I think) police station.

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