Where is James Corpus Now? The stalker who conspired to murder his friend

Who is James Corpus?

James Corpus’ name made headlines nationwide when he was arrested for a series of crimes, including severe stalking, fraud, and conspiracy to murder his friend, Ashley Manfre. The damage he caused to Ashley made a perpetual impact and even robbed Ashley of her sense of security. 

Currently serving his sentence at Westville Correctional Facility, James Corpus’ childhood was like any other kid: joyous and lovely. In 1996, when James was 24, he got into a severe accident that did irreparable damage to his jaw, leaving him disfigured. James went from being the talk of the town to someone, who people feel pity for. 

What happened between James Corpus & Ashley Manfre? 

James Corpus met Ashley Manfre in 2009 at a Mexican restaurant when she walked in to help out as manager. James immediately took a liking to her; it wasn’t long until they became friends, as stated by Corpus. At one point, Ashley even helped him with a job after he was fired from his old one in light of a couple of DUIs. Even Ashley’s family was also fond of James. 

Eventually, the trust fell apart when James tried to steal Ashley’s van and left it on the side of the road. When confronted, James gave all kinds of excuses. However, James was put under arrest after he admitted his guilt. James also confessed to draining Ashley’s account for personal use. This created a rift between them, and Ashley eventually severed any and all ties with James Corpus.

As per the bank statement, James stole a total of $120,000 from Ashley’s account. As a result, James was detained again for theft and fraud. 

After being released, James tried to reconcile with Ashely, but the latter asked him to leave her alone. This was when the barrage of constant messages and letters started, forcing Ashley to issue a restraining order. But even the no-contact order could stop James; he often contacted Ashley’s friends and family, asking them to set up a meeting with her. 

Where is James Corpus Now?

Corpus was arrested and charged with excessive stalking. After a month of James being detained, the cops contacted Ashley and told her to visit the Sheriff’s office. This was because James had confessed to another inmate that he was planning to kill Ashley and run away with her house belongings. Once the information was verified, James was slapped with another charge: conspiracy to commit murder, and remained in prison. 

A couple of weeks later, two men showed up at Ashley’s house, sporting black masks. Thanks to the police’s quick intervention, any severe tragedy was avoided. However, the intruders were never found. 

On 24th July 2019, James Corpus accepted a plea deal and agreed to serve 15 years in prison in return for the murder conspiracy charge being dropped. As for 2024, James Corpus is serving his sentence in the Westville Correctional Facility, still hoping to reconcile with Ashley. 

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  1. He’s an incredibly selfish being. He took advantage of Ashley and her kindness – saw her as a means to an end. Took advantage of her money and once it was cut off, he grew angry and vindictive. Nothing he said fell true and just felt like he was jealous of her

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