Where is Isabella Guzman now? | The full story behind the shocking Colorado killer

What did Isabella Guzman do?

On 28th August 2013, a shocking crime rocked the nation when 18 year old Isabella Guzman, from Colorado, stabbed her mother, Yun-mi Hoy, 79 times. Specifically, she stabbed her 31 times in the face and 48 times in the neck.

Isabella’s stepfather, Ryan Hoy, discovered Isabella and called Aurora police to the home when he saw blood under the door to the upstairs bathroom. According to reports, Hoy told dispatch that the cops had actually been called to the house earlier that day because Isabella had threatened her mother in an email, telling her “You will pay” before spitting in her face.

Before leaving, the police informed that Isabella’s mother could legally kick her out if she didn’t start following the rules.

Robert Guzman, Isabella’s biological father, also spoke to Isabella that day. According to his report, they sat in the backyard and they spoke about respect one should have for their parents. Although he believed they turned a corner, it’s obvious from the night’s events that they did not.

Ryan Hoy found Isabella standing in the doorway holding a knife. She said nothing when she exited the bathroom. According to reports she was “just staring straight ahead when he walked in”.

When officers arrived on the scene, they found Yun-mi Hoy naked on the bathroom floor covered in blood next to a baseball bat. Isabella was then found in a parking garage the next day and subsequently arrested. 

In an unexpected twist, Isabella was found not guilty by reason of insanity, with schizophrenia claimed as the underlying reason. Doctors diagnosed her and claim she lost touch with reality and experienced hallucinations.

What was Isabella Guzman’s childhood like?

Isabella Guzman was born in June 1995 in the USA. From a young age, she apparently exhibited behavioural issues. When she was seven, Yun Mi sent her away to live with her biological father, Robert Guzman, due to arguments sparking up between the pair of them. 

Isabella soon moved back in with her mum, but during adolescence she dropped out of high school and tensions between the pair were never resolved. There are reports of sexual and physical abuse from family members, while underlying tensions regarding religion are also a sticking point.

Guzman was quoted in saying:

“I was abused at home by my parents for many years. My parents are Jehovah’s Witnesses, and I left the religion when I was 14, and the abuse at home worsened after I quit.”

What happened during the trial?

During the trial, doctors painted a picture of Isabella being a troubled soul and testified that she was suffering from delusions and hallucinations for years leading up to her murdering her mum.

In her delusional state, Isabella claims she was stabbing a woman called Cecilia, not her mother. According to reports, she believed she was “saving the world”.

With evidence of her mental wellbeing for all to see, the jury returned with a verdict of not guilty by reason of insanity. Instead of prison, she was taken to a psychiatric facility for treatment.

Years later, courtroom footage of a smug, smirking Isabela went viral, sparking the story back to life again on TikTok.

Where is Isabella Guzman now?

Just over 10 years since that fateful day, Isabella is still institutionalized in the Colorado Mental Health Institute, where she’s been for over a decade. During an interview with CBS4 in November 2020, she claims that she’s now “restored to health” and not a danger to anyone. Within the article she states:

“I was abused at home by my family for many years. My parents are Jehovah’s Witnesses, and I left the religion when I was 14, and the abuse at home worsened after I quit.”

In 2021 she was given temporary release to attend therapy sessions outside the hospital and since then, she’s apologized for her crime and believes she would “change it if she could”.

Within the time she’s been at the facility, Isabella also claims that in 2015 she was sexually assaulted by a hospital employee in a closet. In her own words:

“He asked me if I wanted to go in there and look through to get some clothing so I did… The other patient left and he went in there and shut the door behind me.”

While the Colorado Department of Human Services investigated Isabella’s complaint, they haven’t publicised their findings, claiming privacy laws as a reason why.

Back to present day though and whether Isabella will ever be deemed fully recovered to re-join society is anyone’s guess, but for now she remains at the Colorado Mental Health Institute, where she’s been for over a decade.

Isabella Guzman’s trial and journey through the criminal system have been a big talking point recently, especially with that courtroom footage of her smirking emerging. What do you think of Isabella Guzman’s case? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. O assassinato ocorreu, é um fato!!! Não tem como inocentá-la disso, mas a forma brutal como ocorreu, os ferimentos no rosto e pescoço definem o ódio que ela sentia na hora, tamanho o colapsar de sentimento acumulado. Eu também acredito nos abusos e em uma mãe participante e/ou omissa, vemos centenas de casos nos noticiários de mulheres que permitem o abuso físico e sexual em seus filhos para não perderem seus parceiros. Não concordaria em liberdade desta jovem, os traumas ficam enraizados no subconsciente por muito tempo ( mesmo com tratamento) e se ela voltar a cometer crimes?

  2. The girl is a murderer pathological and psychopath! She demanded the master bedroom and got it!! I went thru the exact same thing with now 33 year old son! You people that are defending her are as psychopathic as she still is! Very frightening The interagation was enough to set her free the way it was mishandled! Prison is where she belongs! Cunning and it worked!

  3. Everyone thinks she was abused or something because she says it, she is an habitual liar and her claims of abuse more than likely a lie like murdering her mother.

  4. She stabbed her own mother 80 times in the face and neck and has tricked the gullible with her act
    The only place she belongs is in prison or in a gas chamber
    What a disgusting cockroach

  5. I’ve seen the interrogation of her on YouTube, I think she knows exactly what she’s doing. She wanted her mom to pay and she did. Now she’s gonna do and say whatever she can to get her freedom back, they shouldn’t let her out at all, even if she is schizophrenic, who’s to say she’ll stay on her meds. She killed her mother brutally, she doesn’t deserve to be out.

  6. I believe she’s intelligent and guilty . She refers to forensic files and also the movie Primal Fear indirectly. Like Ed Nortons character she fooled everyone. If she’s let out of that place she’s in she will kill again . I believe she was abused and I believe she’s evil and clever enough to get rid of the problem which was standing in her way and that was her mother . She can’t be studied enough as she’s more brilliant than those studying her . The devils best trick here . Proving to the world he didn’t exist .!!!

  7. I feel sorry for her. She obviously experienced trauma and disassociative identity disorder is her coping.

  8. I believe she is as guilty as hell itself. If the educated fools let her out again she WILL Jill again. She is irredeemable.

  9. I don’t have any sympathy for her, she is a cold blooded and narcissistic killer. I don’t buy this claim of insanity, she did what she set out to do. She was very well aware of what she was doing and how to get away with it. She deserves jail for the rest of her life after what she did to her mother. Isabella is a true monster and manipulator, hope she never sees the light of day outside those hospital walls. What disgustingly evil individual, a true black soul.

  10. I believe Isabella was sexualy abused after I was sexualy abused I did some bad things but I didn’t kill anyone I believe that Isabella was abused in more ways they need to investigate her step father and birth father her mom deserved it I believe Isabella deserves another chance ❤ 💙 💖 💜 ♥ 💗

  11. Children want to turn for help when bad things happen to them. If their own family members are silent perpetrators whom can they turn to. They are not fully developed mentally and physically. I think her step father was sexually molesting her all the way. Nobody to help her. Police questioning her were brutal they did not display empathy, they were like hyenas when interviewing her. Imagine if she has been through sexual molestation by her step father and police MEN are interviewing her and blasting her with more violent questions it will appear to her that nobody in this world can help her. She would have been going through a trauma which no one could see. I am a health care provider and I have seen children behave violently because of sexual abuse at home. This case should be looked at more closely. I would interrogate the step father. Show her empathy and she will be truthful

  12. This was just another case of an attractive girl getting away with murder. I’m sure the court showered her with rose pedals and had pity on her. If she were a man then sexism wouldn’t work and he would have been sentenced to at least 25yrs. Her case is different than those same alike on TV show SVU attractive girls always get away with heinous crimes.

  13. I watched about an hour of the police interrogation. She seemed to have serious mental health issues to me. She went to the right place at a mental health facility vs. a prison.

  14. Some people are saying her mom deserved it. There is no proof of that. This girl told her mom she will pay and she played the judge well but WILL kill again if given a chance.

    She needs to stay in that hospital for life. She will not be good for society.

  15. More mothers should take note and stop abusing their children. I side with Isabella my mom was abusive too her mom got what she deserved.

  16. Looks like the comments are full of psychological profilers here. “If you’re crazy you wouldn’t smirk” “It’s premeditated”

  17. She clearly premeditated this, with her sending those emails to her mom calling her Cecilia. She had a severe violent temper. It’s sickening that she is able to trick anybody with her insanity grift. She’s a violent psychopath and chronic liar. I knew someone just like her, and he tricked the gullible as well.

    “True side,” from a chronic liar? From a premeditated murderer who is faking insanity? We saw her true smug smiling self at her trial. We know her true self from what her father and others that knew her said about her, and she was violent, angry, and hateful. You may want to think there must be a reason, but having grown up with a psychopath who tortured me and the family pets, who had a personality a heck of a lot like hers, I know that they can do this just because of who they are, and not because anybody else caused it.

  18. I was actually locked up with her in the mental institution waiting for a competency evaluation. I was there for A bit. She was not Competent at the time. But before I left, She was very remorseful for what happened, But no one has listened to her true side of what really happened. I believe she deserves another chance.

  19. Her comment that the fight between her and her mother was terrible and “I got injured can you see the scar on my hand.” That proves to me she is not mentally ill but she has a personality disorder. She needs to stay in the mental hospital or go to prison. She will never fit into society.

  20. She appears to be a pathological liar and sociopath who thinks she can outsmart everyone and get away with anything with very bad plans that are very obvious if she just just pleads mental health or that someone did something to her instead very sad. The smirk said it all you would not do that if any of that had actually been true only gloating thinking you got away with something. Manipulative.

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