Where is Donald Henry Gaskins now? | The serial killer dubbed “The Meanest Man in America”

Donald Henry Gaskins

What did Donald Henry Gaskins do? 

Donald Henry Gaskins was an American serial killer who murdered at least 15 people, but he is believed to be responsible for dozens more, and he shot, stabbed, drowned and poisoned his victims. He was arrested throughout his life, but his final arrest came about after being responsible for the delinquency of Kim Ghelkins, who went missing in 1975. During the search for the teenager, police discovered 8 bodies all in shallow graves near his home in Prospect, South Carolina. Gaskins was once known as the meanest man in America for his brutal crimes. 

What happened during the trial and conviction? 

In May 1976, a jury took just 47 minutes to find Gaskins guilty of the murder of one of the 8 victims. He was sentenced to death by the electric chair. The death sentence was overturned by the South Carolina Supreme court in 1978, and instead of facing a new trial, Gaskins pleaded guilty to the original murder and 8 others. He was given 10 life sentences, which he would serve at Central Correctional Institution prison in Columbia, South Carolina. While at this prison, Gaskins murdered a fellow inmate called Rudolph Tyner using explosives and received his second death sentence.

Where is Donald Henry Gaskins now? 

Donald Henry Gaskins was executed in September, 1991. Just before he was executed, Gaskins said he killed between 100-110 people, but law enforcement and journalists have discredited his claims, saying it was an attempt by Gaskins to gain more notoriety. However, it is likely he killed more victims than he was convicted of. 

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