Where is Deveca Rose now? | The mother charged with manslaughter of her children

Deveca Rose

What did Deveca Rose do? 

Deveca Rose is suspected of being responsible for the deaths of her 4 young sons in a fire at their home in Sutton, South London, in December 2021. 

Rose was a single mum, and she left her kids on their own to pop to Sainsbury’s, which was a 5-minute walk away from her house. When she returned, the house was engulfed in flames. 

She has been charged with manslaughter and child abandonment and appeared at the Old Bailey where she wasn’t asked to enter a plea yet, and she only spoke to confirm her name. Her 4 children were sets of twins aged 3 and 4 respectively. They all died in the fire despite the efforts of first responders to save their lives. 

Rose was granted conditional bail in December 2021 after she was charged with 4 counts of manslaughter and a charge of child abandonment.

What has Deveca Rose said about the death of her children? 

In an interview that appeared in Metro, Deveca Rose said the following: 

”Bryson, Kyson, Logan and Leyton were my boys, they were my babies, they were my life, they were my world. They were my heart; they were my soul, they were everything. Everything feels so surreal. I can’t function.”

Deveca also said, ”they loved to dance and sing and make silly videos as well as climbing, trips to the park and baking with their great-grandparents. They lit up everybody’s world and I will always be sorry that they went so soon. They had so much planned and now they’re gone. I wake up and I look at their Christmas tree and I look at their clothes, their Liverpool [football] kit, their Cocomelon dressing gowns, their drawings. I’m so grateful for everyone who was a part of their life who [has] been sharing memories and keeping me together. I don’t wanna be here anymore. They will never be here again and I will live with that for the rest of my life.”

Where is Deveca Rose now? 

The judge has adjourned the plea hearing to the 8th March 2024 and a provisional trial of up to 4 weeks has been set to start on the 2nd September 2024. The trial will take place at the Old Bailey.

This case is truly awful, and it’s hard to comprehend how a mother could leave her young children in a house on their own. There has been a lot of outrage over the deaths of the children, but also expressions of unjust treatment in the case when compared to similar cases.

Gerry and Kate McCann left their young children in a hotel room on their own, and their daughter Madeleine disappeared and has never been found. The difference is that they never faced charges of neglect like Deveca Rose has, even though their neglectful behaviour led to their child’s probable death. Many believe the reason they never faced charges is because of their middle-class status in direct contrast to Deveca Rose’s working-class status and her being a single mother. This needs to change in society moving forward so we can hold everyone accountable regardless of status.

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