Where is Dave Kroupa now? | The victim of stalking in Netflix’s ‘Lover, Stalker, Killer’

Dave Kroupa

What happened to Dave Kroupa?

Dave Kroupa is a man who had recently split up from his wife with whom he had 2 children and moved to Omaha, Nebraska, to start a new life in 2012. He turned to online dating to cope with his loneliness, initially seeking out a bit of fun instead of a brand new serious relationship. However, things took a sinister turn when a woman he was seeing went missing and he began receiving some very unsavoury and threatening messages that appeared to be from her. 

Kroupa first met single mother Liz Golyar, and the relationship was casual in nature, with no discussions taking place about making it serious and exclusive. So, Kroupa met another single mother called Cari Farver when she came by the auto shop he worked at to get her car fixed. He then spotted her on a dating site some time later, and they began seeing each other. The pair ended up at Kroupa’s apartment when he awkwardly received a call from Golyar saying she needed to retrieve something from his residence. Farver chose to leave and as she left, she passed Golyar in the hallway. 

What happened to Cari Farver? 

In the weeks after they crossed paths, Kroupa continued seeing Farver, and she spent the night at his apartment. The next morning, Kroupa got ready for work and told Farver he would see her later on that evening. During the day, Kroupa received a bizarre message from Farver saying she wanted to move in together, but after just 2 weeks of dating, Kroupa thought this was way too soon. She sent him an abusive message back, and that was the end of the relationship. They never saw each other again. 

Kroupa began receiving even more extreme messages that appeared to be from Farver, and that is when Golyar revealed she had also received abusive messages from her too. Farver hadn’t been seen for 3 years and missed her father’s funeral and her son’s birthday. The police re-examined the evidence and found that Farver hadn’t sent any of those messages, and it was in fact Golyar, who had sent them after murdering her love rival and keeping her phone.

Where is Dave Kroupa now?

Dave Kroupa was traumatized by the ordeal but has since moved on with his life. As far as we know, he is still residing in Omaha, Nebraska.

Kroupa relives the terrifying ordeal in an appearance in Netflix’s newly released true-crime documentary film Lover, Stalker, Killer.

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