Where is Amy Bishop now? | The Story Behind the Huntsville Shootings

Amy Bishop

What did Amy Bishop do?

Amy Bishop opened fire at the University of Alabama in Huntsville on the 12th February, 2010, killing three people and injuring another three. Bishop was a Biology professor at the university, and she was attending a meeting of the department when she pulled out a loaded gun and started shooting at her colleagues.

Bishop was in her last semester at the university after she had been denied tenure the previous year. After the shootings, Bishop’s previous behaviour was looked into in more detail. She shot and killed her brother in 1986 in an incident that was officially ruled an accident, and she was also a suspect in a pipe bomb incident directed at her lab supervisor in 1993. 

What happened at the trial? 

Amy Bishop was charged with one count of murder and three counts of attempted murder, and she pleaded guilty to the charges. The family members of the victims had petitioned the judge against the use of the death penalty, which is admirable, considering what Bishop did. 

She was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole on the 24th September, 2012. 

Where is Amy Bishop now? 

Amy Bishop is serving her sentence at the Julia Tutwiler Prison for Women in Wetumpka, Alabama. 

On the April 18, 2021, Bishop’s 20-year-old son, Seth Anderson, was shot and killed in an unrelated incident in Huntsville. The shooter was charged with manslaughter. 

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