Where is Amarjeet Sada now? | The Youngest Serial Killer in the World

Amarjeet Sada

What did Amarjeet Sada do?

Amarjeet Sada killed three young babies in India in horrific circumstances when he was just a child himself. It all started when his aunt came to visit 8-year-old Amarjeet and his family and left her baby with them while she settled into her new job.

After she left for her job, Amarjeet’s mother went to the market to get food and left him to look after the baby, as well as his younger sister. The young boy started to pinch and slap the baby, and laughed when the baby began to cry. He then put his hands around the baby’s throat as the baby cried and gasped for air. 

The baby died, and Amarjeet buried him under some grass and returned home afterwards. When his mother returned home in shock at what had happened, Amarjeet confessed to the murder. His father physically punished him for the act, but they didn’t involve the police and made up a story to the aunt. 

This wasn’t the end of Amarjeet’s brutal behaviour, as he went on to strangle his 8-month-old sister while his parents were asleep. 

This incident was also unreported, and Amarjeet went on to kill a third baby in 2007. His final victim was 6 months old, and this time, the police were alerted. The baby’s mother was a neighbour who had left the baby sleeping at a primary school and returned to discover her baby was missing. Amarjeet confessed to strangling the baby and hitting her over the head with a brick. 

What did the police do about Amarjeet’s crimes? 

Amarjeet was taken away by police, and he admitted to the murder of all three babies. While in custody, he reportedly smiled a lot. A psychologist said the young boy was a sadist who got pleasure from inflicting injuries on people. 

Where is Amarjeet Sada now?

Despite the law stating that a child can be held at a children’s home until they are 18, Amarjeet was released at 16. His current whereabouts are unknown, but he is believed to be around 23 years of age now, and is living under a new identity. He is the youngest serial killer in the world, and the hope is that he doesn’t re-offend in the future.

Some reports claim that he has changed his name to Samarjit and may be roaming the streets of India as you’re reading this post! However, this is just speculation and his actual whereabouts remain a mystery.

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  1. Sad fact is that this is a prime example of how some conditions are like DNA in the fact you cannot change it. As such cases such as this need to be looked at more carefully. Should he be punished? Yes, but how, when a person like this has no care for others and never will. They also tend not to learn from being punished or confronted and do not have any ability to want to learn about thier actions or how they effect others. So here is the question that nobody can answer accurately (people will claim they can but those people are merely giving an educated guess at best). Should this person ever be aloud to be around others unattended. Should they forever be watched and controlled? Should they ever have what we call freedom?

    I would say no to all these but hey that’s merely my stance

  2. “careful steps will have been put in place so that he cannot be found or identified.” —– until the bodies start showing up anyway.

    yeah great looking out for public safety! He’s probably immagrated to the U.S. by now

  3. You let him in and he killed your friend they where all babies so if any of them were your friends you would have been a baby also. Why do people feel the need to lie online.

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