Where is Aaron Quinn’s ex-fiancée Andrea now? | The former girlfriend of the ‘American Nightmare’ subject

Aaron Quinn's ex-fiancée Andrea

Who is Andrea? 

Aaron Quinn and Denise Huskins first met and entered into a relationship with each other not long after Quinn called off his engagement to a woman called Andrea. He claimed to discover she was cheating on him, so this is why he ended things. To make the situation even more awkward, Aaron worked with Andrea and his new girlfriend Denise at a hospital. While dating Denise, it was discovered Aaron had been messaging his ex Andrea to discuss the possibility of them giving their relationship another go. 

Aaron and Denise met up at his house in Vallejo to discuss the issues and whether they could move past the Andrea betrayal. They agreed to move past it and stay together. However, the date of this meeting coincided with an intruder breaking into the house, drugging them, and kidnapping Denise and driving her away to rape her while she was in captivity at the assailant’s hideout in a cabin in South Lake Tahoe. 

Why was Andrea’s name mentioned during the kidnapping? 

During the home invasion, the perpetrator implied that Aaron’s ex Andrea had been the original target of the abduction, but he chose to take Denise instead. So why was this? Andrea had previously lived in the house with Aaron before the relationship ended, so the offender may have previously stalked the pair intending to carry out an attack on them. 

An FBI affidavit claimed that Andrea had been the intended target of the abduction, and the kidnapper didn’t realise it wasn’t her until after he had restrained Denise. It has never been clear why Aaron and Andrea were targeted, and seeing as the police never investigated the case properly, it is highly unlikely we’ll ever know. 

Aaron and Andrea’s previous relationship became part of the investigation when the police got wind of Aaron’s communication with his ex-fiancee. The police brought Andrea in for questioning, but they made it clear she wasn’t in any kind of trouble. She confirmed the breakup and had an alternative story to their split. She claimed Aaron kept coming into her office at work and trying to kiss her. 

It was later revealed that Andrea had been in a relationship with the FBI agent on the case, David Sesma. Despite this obvious conflict of interest, Sesma remained on the case.

Where is Andrea now?

Andrea was featured in archival footage of Netflix’s new 3-part true crime documentary series, American Nightmare, but she didn’t actively take part in any interviews for the series. 

There isn’t much information about Andrea, apart from what appears in the documentary. Chances are, she wants to lead a private life, but this may prove difficult after the release of Netflix’s latest true crime fix.

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