Where are the Sunset Strip Killers now? | Doug Clark and Carol Mary Bundy

The Sunset Strip Killers

What did Doug Clark and Carol Mary Bundy do?

Doug Clark was an American serial killer and necrophile. He and his accomplice Carol Mary Bundy were dubbed “The Sunset Strip Killers.” They were responsible for murdering at least 7 young girls and women. Clark would target sex workers and teenage runaways, and was known to decapitate them and keep their severed heads as trophies. 

Bundy and Clark were in an intense relationship, and Clark often brought sex workers back to their apartment and they ended up killing them to satisfy Clark’s twisted sexual desires. 

What happened during their arrest and conviction?

Clark and Bundy were arrested and jailed on the 11th of August, 1980. Bundy was charged with 2 murders, while Clark was charged with 6 murders. At his trial, he represented himself and attempted to blame Bundy for all the murders, claiming she had manipulated him. The jury wasn’t convinced, and he was sentenced to death in 1983. 

Bundy made a plea bargain and in return for her testimony against Clark, she was sentenced to 52 years to life in prison.

Where are The Sunset Strip Killers now? 

Doug Clark died of unspecified natural causes at a medical facility on October 11, 2023. He was 75 years old. 

Carol Mary Bundy died in prison from heart failure on the 9th of December 2003, at the age of 61. 

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