Where are Ashley Bowman’s killers now? | The Mistaken Identity Gang Murder

Ashley Bowman

What happened to Ashley Bowman?

Ashley Bowman was only 17 years old when he was shot in the back of the head in a shocking case of mistaken identity in Manchester, England, in July 2004. 

Bowman was the victim of a dispute raging between a gang called The Greenwood Boys and friend of Ashley’s called Liam McCaffrey. The leader of the gang, Mark Palfreyman, ordered the hit on 18-year-old McCaffrey as punishment for crossing him. He then ordered his gang to carry out the murder. 

Raphael Smith and Daniel Jacobs arrived at a house party where they believed McCaffrey was in attendance. However, Ashley Bowman arrived at the party wearing a hooded top. The hitmen mistook him for McCaffrey and opened fire on the teen. Bowman died in hospital of his injuries 2 days later. 

What happened during the trial? 

A total of 6 men were convicted of being involved in the murder of Ashley Bowman at Liverpool Crown Court. Smith and Jacobs who were the hitmen who killed Bowman got life in prison and 14 years respectively. 

The man who ordered the hit, Mark Palfreyman, was sentenced to 18 years. A man called Les Brown was sentenced to 10 years for conspiracy to murder. Rocky Burke admitted assisting offenders and got an 18-month sentence, while Neil Bergin admitted to possessing the shotgun that was used in the killing, and he got 5 years in prison. 

Where are Ashley Bowman’s killers now? 

Not much is known about the thugs who were responsible for Ashley Bowman’s death, though many of them would’ve been released from prison now after serving their sentences. As far as we know, none have re-offended. 

However, Liam McCaffrey, who was the target of Palfreyman and his gang, bought a gun to protect himself after Bowman’s death, but he tragically died when the gun accidentally went off. 

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