Where are Aaron Quinn and Denise Huskins now? | The victims of a home invasion in Netflix’s ‘American Nightmare’

Aaron Quinn and Denise Huskins

What happened to Aaron Quinn and Denise Huskins? 

In 2015, Aaron Quinn and his girlfriend Denise Huskins were the victims of a home invasion at their house in Vallejo, California. They were both tied up by the masked intruder and drugged, and Denise was then kidnapped. 

The couple had been awakened at 3 am by an intruder in their home. Huskins was told to tie Quinn’s feet together and his hands behind his back. The man then covered their eyes with swimming goggles covered with duct tape and gave them both sedatives.

The couple were told that the attackers were from a highly-trained group that kidnapped people for ransom and claimed Quinn’s ex-girlfriend Andrea was the initial target. They told Quinn that Huskins would be kidnapped and returned in 48 hours if he paid a ransom.

What happened during Denise’s kidnapping ordeal? 

The intruder put Huskins in the boot of his car, drove her to a cabin in South Lake Tahoe, kept her captive for 2 days, and raped and sexually assaulted her. He then drove 400 miles and released her in Huntington Beach, near where she grew up. 

Shockingly, the police didn’t believe Huskins had been kidnapped and threatened to take legal action against her for lying. They also questioned Quinn and initially accused him of having something to do with Huskins’ disappearance, but when she turned up, they blamed both of them for the incident

Detective Mat Mustard had likened the case to the movie ‘Gone Girl‘ in a shocking statement that Huskins’ lawyer Doug Rappaport likened to something known as ‘confirmation bias.’

In June 2015, police began investigating a case involving a masked intruder, and Officer Misty Carausu found evidence that connected Huskins and Quinn’s home invasion to an ex-marine called Matthew Muller.

Where are Aaron Quinn and Denise Huskins now?

In 2016, Aaron and Denise sued the Vallejo police for defamation, and they settled out of court for $2.5 million. 

Aaron Quinn and Denise Huskins moved to the coast to start a new life and got married in 2018. They went on to have two children together. Their daughters are called Olivia and Naomi. 

In 2021, the couple co-authored a book with Nicole Weisensee Egan called Victim F: From crime victims to suspects to survivors.

Quinn and Huskins are the focus of Netflix’s new 3-part true-crime documentary series American Nightmare

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