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The End

The final part of When They See Us begins with Korey’s trial, his guilty verdict and him going back in prison. He looks very lost, confused and scared. Once inside, Korey talks to an inmate who tells him that he can ask to be transferred but before going back to his cell, two other inmates corner him and beat him up.

Korey then has an emotional visit with his mum where he asks to see her and his brother more but she explains that it is very difficult to come see him. Simon, one of the guards, advises that he should ask for solitary to avoid the thugs that have beaten him up.

A couple of years later, he manages to get transferred but to Attica which is 352 miles from Harlem. Because of his reputation, he ends up being beaten there as well. He then asks to be put in solitary again.

From here we see him recounting the previous events and having visions of his brother, Norman. Unfortunately, he later finds out that his brother has been murdered where we flash back and see that Norman wanted to be a girl, but their mother didn’t accept it. One of the guards takes pity on him and brings him a few favours.

He then asks for another transfer but ends up even further away from his Mum. Unfortunately, the same thing happens again and this time he is so badly injured he almost loses the ability to walk. After multiple appeals on his case, Korey loses and carries on having visions; this time of his girlfriend and his mother.

He later meets with another inmate he first saw in Attica, Matias Reyes, who tells him that it is good to have hope. We then see Matias confessing to Nancy Ryan to the attack of Patricia Meili. She then confronts one of detectives that was on the jogger case, asking him about all the discrepancies in the case and the coercing of the five teenagers, but he denies it all. She also meets with Fernstein but she also denies the innocence of the five and believes that Matias is just the sixth attacker. Nancy tells her that Matias’s DNA was all over the victim.

After 12 long, arduous years, Korey is finally free and all over the country the other four find out they are being exonerated. They are also awarded 41 million dollars in settlement; a pittance for the ordeal they went through. The episode then ends, explaining where they all are now, and we see what the real Central Park 5 look like.

As expected, the episode mainly focuses on Korey’s life in prison. His story is probably one of the more tragic ones too given that, as well as not being guilty, he wasn’t even on the list of suspects – he only wanted to support his friend Yusef. The ending is quite emotional as we see a very well shot montage of the young actors followed by each of the real men and what they are doing with their lives. 41 million may seem like a lot of money but can we really put a price on time? These men will never get that time back in their lives as well as the ones of their families, which will be forever changed. This 4 part mini-series has enough drama, real life facts and emotional moments to make this one worth watching and is a harsh reminder of the injustice rife in the Justice System.


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