When The Walls Fell – Build Back Better | Album Review

Track Listing

Build Back Better
Fallen State
The Long Con
Kingdom Come
Into The Tempest
That’s Alright
False Gods
No Gods, No Masters
Nuclear Winter Of Our Discontent


Punk has the power to help the disenfranchised, and this band has songs to aid us in finding peace, even if the music is loud. Hell bent on bringing sense to the world, When The Walls Fell offer punk fever, and a DIY ethos.

This is truly raucous and straight to the guts music, which has no let up. The instrumentals are insanely technical, and the band has found a way to bring back the 90’s punk surge.

Fueled by rage, the band try to alter the landscape of this decaying world by implementing lyrics that force talking points. Their music is driven like a nail into the establishment, and has the power to change minds.

‘Build Back Better’ opens the record with technical guitar parts and gritty vocals. Lyrically, the words would be venomous if possible. The band builds unbreakable momentum, which eases into ‘Kingdom Come’, which starts with a brilliant guitar riff. The band search for peace and relief through hardened lyricism, while the melody used is memorable.

‘No Gods, No Masters’ opens with a fascinating solo and empowering vocals. Every lyric hangs in the balance, while the rage gains pace.

‘Nuclear Winter Of Our Discontent’ confirms the band’s grievances towards the higher power and delivers a well layered punk track, which is intelligently weaved together.

When The Walls Fell have produced a record which dangerously goes against the grain, but the band doesn’t care, which makes it all the more endearing.

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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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