When My Love Blooms – K-Drama Episode 9 Recap and Review

The Train Journey

When My Love Bloom returns with another dramatic and emotional episode as we start to understand just how much Ji-Soo had to endure and the blame she has carried with her all her life. Things are starting to fall into place as we see what lead her to make such a difficult decision.

Episode 9 of When My Love Bloom starts with Ji-Soo and Jae-Hyun discussing Leon the plant. Ji-Soo tells him she planted a new one in the same spot which reminds Jae-Hyun what this place means to them; the asylum where no one can find them. As he puts his arm around her and holds her hand, Ji-Soo tells him that she wants to stay because she thinks they will be okay if they are here. They eventually decide to share some noodles in a convenience store where he jokes about them being a young couple. She tells him that if they do, they will get stoned and this will hurt others. After talking about their parents, the two part ways as they reach Ji-Soo’s house.

In the morning, Ji-Soo wakes up to people installing a security camera and a better lock as Jae-Hyun noticed the night before that she needed it. She tries calling him to protest but he insists that it will help him sleep better. She later heads to the nursing home to see her father and is surprised to see Jae-Hyun and that he has donated a piano. She tries protesting again but he replies that it will be good for everyone and that he hopes she will play too.

In the evening, Jae-Hyun invites Ji-Soo on a walk in a park where he has arranged for lights and music to play around them. He tells her that he will go back to her but that it might take some time as he has things to sort out. She then reveals that she has kept everything he taught her in her heart and wouldn’t feel ashamed if she ever met him again.

Things are not looking good for Jang San when he finds out the prosecutors have got a search warrant for his house. He then realizes that it was Jae-Hyun who leaked information about the borrowed named accounts to the press. This makes him determined to fight back while Jae-Hyun speaks to his wife about their marriage being over already before he met Ji-Soo again as he was inattentive and she dated someone else. She tells him that she won’t divorce him as if she can’t have him Ji-Soo won’t either.

The next day, Ji-Soo is picked up by Jang-San’s chauffeur as the chairman wants to speak to her. Jang first mentions that he knew her father as he wanted to be a politician and they used to meet for drinks and golf. After mentioning her seeing his son-in-law, he suggests paying her off and to consider this as a warning.

In his office, Jae-Hyun looks at the father of Hyuk-Soo protesting against the company. He then remembers the meeting he had with Hyuk-Soo and his colleagues about the company failing to act on the terms agreed for their employees as they were supposed to give them raises. Jay-Hyun explains that the company made a bad investment and was struggling. Hyuk-Soo tried protesting but Jae-Hyun remained cold and undeterred.

We then cut to Se-Hoon meeting with Hyuk-Soo’s father as he explains what the company has done to his son. After he met with Jae-Hyun, Hyuk-Soo and his colleagues went on strike. The company then negotiated with them new terms and a raise but later changed their mind and terminated the contracts of the employees who went on strike. Se-Hoon then explained that the company should pay – especially Jae-Hyun.

Ji-Soo later finds out that her son has been offered a scholarship abroad by the Hyun-Sung group which surprises her. She later visits him and explains that it will not be a good idea. He agrees to it as he knows she wouldn’t have been able to come.

Back home, Ji-Soo hearsabout Hyuk-Soo’s protesting  on the news about the Hyun-Sung company who he believes are responsible for his son’s suicide. As she heads down there, she comes face to face with Se-Hoon. She asks him if he is defending this because of her where he admits that he did at first but eventually became interested in the case and found out that there were more like this.

In the evening, Ji-Soo is surprised to find a drunk Jae-Hyun by her landing. He starts talking to her about all the worries he has for the people around him, especially her. He then falls asleep so she takes him inside on her sofa where she falls asleep next to him. In the morning, he sees that she has gone so he cleans up for her. After looking around her flat, he decides to have new appliances, clothes and a beautiful necklace delivered to her place.

While out having dinner with her friends, Ji-Soo remembers a day in 1995 on her birthday when she got ready to meet Jae-Hyun for his first visit. When she arrives into her flat, she sees a note on her shoes from Jae-Hyun saying that he has realised a lot of things and why she left him. He tells her not to blame herself and to be happy.

On the train over to Young-Min’s school, Ji-Soo is surprised when she sees Jae-Hyun coming to sit next to her. He tells her he has been waiting all morning as he knows she is always alone, even on the train. Suddenly, the train stops in the middle of a tunnel due to a problem with the generator. This makes Ji-Soo anxious while we see her father looking outside and rushing, wanting to find his daughter.

We then see a flashback of Ji-Soo visiting Jae-Hyun while he was on leave. Suddenly, a news report on the tv showed that a shopping centre in town had collapsed. She remembered that her mother and sister told her that they were going there that same day. She then rushed to call her father who told her to come to his office right away. She told Jae-Hyun she had to go and ran out, losing her shoe. Jae-Hyun tried to run after her but he was stopped by the soldiers. On the train back, it stopped suddenly which lead her to start panicking and walking through the different coaches crying, blaming herself.

As we cut to the present, Ji-Soo is walking through the train just like in the past and has a panic attack as it reminds her of that fateful day. Jae-Hyun finds her crying and telling him she can’t remember the last moment she saw her mother and sister. The episode ends with Jae-Hyun holding her in his arms while she cries.

We finally find out why Ji-Soo broke up with Jae-Hyun in the past and this was a very heartbreaking scene to watch. Poor Ji-Soo blames herself for the death of her mother and sister and from then on, her happiness disappeared from her life. Despite all the hardship, she has been working very hard in her life as she tries her best for her son.

Jae-Hyun has had quite the journey as well and his involvement in the company has certainly been complex. However, he seems determined to make Ji-Soo happy and make up for time lost. Their love story feels unfinished for sure and with many obstacles on the way, it will be interesting to see just what will happen for our main couple.


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