When My Love Blooms – K-Drama Episode 7 Recap and Review

The Wall In Gang Chon

When My Love Blooms delivers yet another dramatic and emotional episode as we delve deeper into the past for our main couple. The two main leads carry on delivering some strong performances too, depicting just how much they have both suffered in the past and how they’re desperately trying to find happiness.

Episode 7 of When My Love Blooms picks up where we left off with Ji-Soo telling Se-Hoon she is going to avoid what she has always been most afraid of to make sure Jae-Hyun doesn’t fall because of her. He tells her he understands that they have both changed but he won’t make the same mistakes twice, adding that she needs to sort out old relationships first.

Meanwhile, Jae-Hyun attends his interview with the prosecutor and gives his statement. The latter tells him the investigation has been too easy and convenient for them and wants to know what’s coming next. Jae-Hyun then returns home to his wife where he tells her the interview went well but remains vague about the details. She then mentions Ji-Soo and asks how she is doing.

On her way home, Ji-Soo stops by the grocery store to look at a blister on her foot. The old lady comes out and tends to it while a sad Ji-Soo asks the old lady to be her mother as she misses her so much. The next day, Dong-Jin calls her and they both meet for drinks. Dong-Jin offers to be her lawyer free of charge while claiming to be the best divorce lawyer in Korea.

Ji-Soo declines and reveals that the lawsuit has been dropped. Dong-Jin later relays this to Jae-Hyun who is very surprised, prompting him to ask Joon-Woo to follow Se-Hoon around.

Meanwhile, Se-Hoon visits potential places to buy with his son. Young-Min then sends pictures of the house to his mum who is heading off to sing alone in a karaoke bar. She heads to see Young-Woo next who is shocked to hear she is getting back with her ex.

After a tender moment, he finally admits to liking her but didn’t confess until now for fear of losing her. She explains that once she is back with her ex, she won’t be able to come and visit him anymore. She thanks him and apologises before leaving.

We then see a flashback of 1995 when Jae-Hyun was interrogated by the police about his political views. Ji-Soo’s father arrived too and blackmailed him just like he did with his daughter; telling him to give up on her or he will make sure he rots in prison and never finds a job. Jae told him he won’t let that happen so Hyeong-Koo asked him if he thought his sacrifice was worth it, knowing that his parents and Ji-Soo are ready to go through it for him.

Later on, Ji-Soo’s father gave her a plane ticket to go and study in Germany as she didn’t trust her. Later on, after learning that Ji-Soo is leaving for Germany, Jae-Hyun decides to run to the airport to see her off. However, when they see each other, Ji-Soo decided to leave with him.

In the present, after Jae-Hyun finds out that Se-Hoon is looking to buy a big house, he decides to meet Ji-Soo to ask her what is happening. She admits that she is getting back with her ex husband, which certainly surprises him. Before leaving, she warns that there are more people watching him than he thinks.

Se-Hoon relays to Seo-Kyeong that he is getting back together with Ji-Soo. However she is not sure this will work and asks him if he trusts her. He replies that he knows why she is doing it and what she will lose if she doesn’t. Seo-Kyeong wonders how he can live with someone who is willing to sacrifice her life for a man she loves.

Joon-Woo relays to Jae-Hyun that his wife has been meeting with Se-Hoon and shows him that she has been filming him from his dash cam as he looks at video of himself kissing Ji-Soo on the beach. We then flashback to a day in 2000 as a younger Seo-Kyeong spends the day with Jae-Hyun. We see that she was already stubborn back then but in the evening, they share an emotional moment when both admit to losing someone important in their lives.

As we cut back to the present, Se-Hoon calls Ji-Soo to remind her to prepare for the next day. She decides to donate her bike and guitar before taking the train to Gang Chon. On the train, Jae-Hyun calls her and hears the announcement of where she is heading. When she arrives, she finds the wall where she wrote a note in the past: “Ji-Soo and Jay-Hyun’s love will last a million years”. As she remembers the day they spent there many years ago, we see that this was the first time he told her he loved her.


While Ji-Soo waits for the train back, Jae-Hyun arrives. Ji-Soo tells him that they have to end things for good and say a proper goodbye this time as they never did before. Jae-Hyun replies that he is not able to because he wants to protect their love just like she did. Unfortunately, she doesn’t reply and takes the next train back. Before heading off to Seoul, Jae-Hyun finds the wall with the writing too and adds underneath. “For a million years… our love will bloom.”

The episode ends with Jae-Hyun meeting Se-Hoon, telling him he can release the video if he wants but if he takes the child from the mother, he will take the mother who has lost her child.

Once again, we see just how selfless Ji-Soo is towards the people she loves as she gets ready to marry Se-Hoon, despite how unhappy he made her in the past. She is willing to put her life on hold to protect her son but especially Jae-Hyun. However, the latter has not given up on her which is really heart-warming to see.

It was also interesting to see a flashback involving Seo-Hyeok as we start to understand her character a little better while we see that our couple faced quite a few hurdles in the past too, which I believe has made their love even stronger. When My Love Blooms has done a great job at building its characters and their stories up so far, thanks to the touching flashbacks and the devotion the two still have for each other in the present. Will they eventually get their happy ending? Only time will tell!

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