When My Love Blooms – K-Drama Episode 6 Recap and Review

A Wanted Man

What an emotional and dramatic episode! We finally start to understand what happened in the past and what brought on our duo’s break up which is quite the tragic story, while Se-Hoon steps up his game with more blackmail for Ji-Soo. The characters all remain interesting enough while the narrative is starting to feel more tense and suspenseful.

Episode 6 of When My Love Blooms begins where we last left off with Jae-Hyun wanting to keep his promise by giving Ji-Soo a guitar while Se-Hun watches them and takes pictures. As both start walking, Jae-Hyun mentions Dong-Jin and tells her he hasn’t changed. This prompts a flashback when both boys went to find Ji-Soo out with her friends and baseball players. As one of the players asked him if he is her boyfriend, Ji-Soo got up and replied proudly that he is her husband.

Cutting back to the present , Jae-Hyun talks about his regrets and mentions that his biggest one is starting the protests as he failed to change anything or protect what was really important. We then see another flashback of a protest when Jae-Hyun stopped his speech thanks to seeing his mother standing by while Ji-Soo watched him. He took her for coffee where they spent a touching moment together. Later that night, he went for a walk with his dad who told him he would like him to stop protesting.

As we cut back to the present, Ji-Soo sees the text from Young-Min mentioning that his father knows about the incident at school. Unable to reach her son, she tries calling Se-Hoon and makes him promise not to use the school. We then see a flashback on how Se-Hoon met Ji-Soo as her lawyer. He learned that she worked at a restaurant and poured her tray of food over a customer who was mocking her grieving family. After facing charges, she refused to settle as she claims it wasn’t an accident. When she left prison, Se-Hoon waited outside and promised to be there for her.

In the present, Jae-Hyun visits his mother and starts singing a love song, thinking of the lovely memories he has with Ji-Soo. When he mentions that the song is really sad, his mother asks if he met her again. He replies that he did but it didn’t go very well.

Before leaving, Jae-Hyun receives a call from Jang-San who asks him to go and sort out his wife as he sent her to the villa while Ji-Soo’s father is having a lucid day and reads about Jae-Hyun and the company facing charges in the paper. In a flashback, we see him finding out all about Jae-Hyun and how unhappy he was about it. Later on, Jae-Hyun found out from his friends that the engineering kids were taken in and that he is wanted as well. He then met with Ji-Soo to tell her he is going away to study for the bar. She’s surprised though and wants to go with him but he tells her that she needs to carry on with her music.

Meanwhile in the present, Jang-San has dinner with his daughter and explains that he puts his father’s inheritance under the borrowed named account. They are now under Jae-Hyun’s name but he is worried that he may have an ulterior motive and take over the company as he is meeting with shareholders, believing he may be the one who leaked the information on the named accounts.

While out fishing with Jong-Woo, Jay-Hyun realises that he is still being followed as we flashback to March 1995 when Jae-Hyun was visited by his friends in the temple where he was hiding. They encouraged him to hang on a little while longer. Before leaving, Hwa-Jin gave him a phone card and told him to call Ji-Soo. Back in Seoul, Ji-Soo found out from Dong-Jin that Jae-Hyun has become a wanted man.

This is when she realized that her father was behind it and went to confront him about it. Hyeong-Koo confirms that it was him and that she has to choose; if she doesn’t stop seeing him, he will make sure he stays in prison for the rest of his life and she will no longer be his daughter. Later that night, Jae-Hyun tries calling her but she stops herself from answering.

The next day in the present, Jong-Woo brings a bicycle to Ji-Soo from Jae-Hyun. She refuses of course but he insists, explaining that Jae-Hyun wants her to use it to carry her shopping. Se-Hoon sends the pictures to Seo-Kyeong and asks to meet. He tells her he believes they have the same goal as he wants to win his ex wife back.

After going shopping on her new bike, Ji-Soo finds a letter from court for a petition to regain child custody. She meets with Se-Hoon who confronts her about what has been happening with their son and mentions the suicide letter. He tells her she has sent her son away while having a relationship in Seoul so he doesn’t think she is fit to look after him. She replies that no matter what, she will be the one raising him and certainly isn’t a monster like him.

In the evening, she relays what happened to Young-Woo and asks if he knows a good lawyer as Se-Hoon called and claimed she had an affair after the pictures. She tells him that if having feelings means it’s an affair then she can’t say it’s not true.

The next day, Young-Woo decides to pay Jay-Hyun a visit. After a quick catch up, Young-Woo admits to being the one who reported him to the police on April Fools in 1995. Jae-Yun tells him he already knew while Ji-Soo meets with Se-Hoon again, telling her to surrender custody or Jae-Hyun will fall. This is when he shows her a video of the two kissing on the beach and tells her he will erase it if she gives him Young-Min.

In a flashback, we see Jae-Hyun on his way to meet Ji-Soo after talking to Young-Woo. Jae-Hyun finally reached Ji-Soo who told him to stop there as she won’t be able to see him anymore. She knew he lied about where he studied and that her father won’t allow her to be with him. She returned to her home and started sobbing, while the next day Jae-Hyun was arrested at the temple.

As we return to the present, Ji-Soo mentions Se-Hoon’s affair to him and wonders why he suddenly wants custody. She tells him that she is going to avoid what she is most afraid of, which is to make sure Jae-Hyun doesn’t fall because of her. No matter if that choice is right or wrong, she will then go back to him which is where the episode ends.

Both protagonists are facing quite the tough challenges in When My Love Blooms; Jae-Hyun has to face the music regarding his father-in-law’s wrongdoings at the company while poor Ji-Soo is being blackmailed by her manipulative ex-husband.

Speaking of antagonists, we also found out that Ji-Soo’s father did a very evil thing when he forced Ji-Soo to stop seeing Jae-Hyun. As expected, their break-up was quite dramatic but it was still gripping to watch nonetheless. Despite all this, Ji-Soo still looks after her father which makes her even more honorable.

The episode ends with quite the cliffhanger too as Ji-Soo declares that she will go back with Se-Hoon to make sure Jae-Hyun doesn’t suffer. This will bring even more misfortune in her life unfortunately, but with still quite a lot of episodes to go, I am hoping that things will start to look up for our heroine.

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