When My Love Blooms – K-Drama Episode 4 Recap and Review

Another Arrest

When My Love Blooms’ latest episode is starting to show a lot more emotion between our two main characters and manages to portray those really well with some heartbreaking scenes. The connection between the two is well-depicted and the chemistry between the actors is getting better and better with each chapter.

Episode 4 of When My Love Blooms starts where it left off with Ji-Soo running to help the protesters. This reminds Jae-Hyun of another protest from the past as he watches her helplessly being taken by the police. He then heads inside to confront his father-in-law about calling the authorities. He tells him he was planning to negotiate as it would have looked better to the media and it is here we learned that he went to prison for corruption and tax evasion.

In the station, one of the policemen tells Ji-Soo that if she doesn’t have a guardian, she will not be allowed to leave. As we flashback to the past again, we see the day she was arrested during a protest in 1994 and her father picking her up from the station, slapping her while Jae-Hyun watches from afar, wanting to intervene.

After worrying and wondering about her, Jae-Hyun decides to wait for her outside her house. He finally hears her play the piano which relieves him. Looking outside, she sees him walk away and runs after him. After giving her his jacket and shoes, the two start walking. They spend a nice moment together, where he told her that she is special and precious, promising not to let anyone treat her badly.

In the present, Seo-Kyeong confronts her husband about his sudden change of heart. He explains that the protest brought back a lot of memories from the past and what he used to believe in. The next day, Jang-San tells him that he will let the women go but wants him to help with another matter regarding an accusation that he has many borrowed name accounts and some tax issues related to them. He wants him to put them in his name for now.

Meanwhile, Young-Woo picks up Ji-Soo from the station and discusses the situation with her. They talk about Jae-Hyun and the bad reputation he has but Young-Woo believes it has to do with his father’s death. Back in his office, Jae-Hyun is looking at picture of Ji-Soo talking to Young-Woo. This reminds him of a day in the past when the latter became drunk, despairing over liking Ji-Soo and her not returning his feelings.

After an interview in a music academy, Ji-Soo comes face to face with Jae-Hyun, who takes her out for drinks. He tells her that he wants to hire her but doesn’t think it is a good idea as she is not qualified, having not finished college. As they talk about the past, he tells her he still doesn’t understand why he left her and about the pain he felt. She tells him that they should just remember the good days for now as we see another flashback of the two together again.

Back in the present, Ji-Soo visits her sick father who suddenly throws his drink at her and blames her for her mother’s death. Unable to contain herself, she cries and confronts him. As we see another flashback, Ji-Soo shows her parents that she got into college and plans to study music. Her father doesn’t approve though so she confronts him about the way he has always treated her.

At school, Young-Min is picked up by his dad but suddenly collapses on the floor. There to pick up Jun-Seo, Jae-Hyun rushes to his aid and brings him to hospital. When Young-Min’s father arrives, Jae-Hyun explains that his son has the flu and hasn’t been eating well. He sends his chauffeur to take Jun-Seo back and eventually heads to the train station. There, he sees Ji-Soo arriving and rushing to her son’s bedside. He follows her there and sees that her ex-husband and ex-mother-in-law treat her very badly.

The next day, Seo-Kyeong finds out that Ji-Soo is a pianist at a hotel and that she wears a mask. We then cut to Ji-Soo being told that she has been hired to play at a private party and has to wear an expensive outfit from the brand of the people organizing the party. This seems to be a plan from Seo-Kyeong as she insists that Jae-Hyun attends the party.

During the party, someone bumps into her while she holds a glass of wine and spills it all over her dress. Seo-Kyeong tells her to keep the expensive dress but to carry on playing and to remove her mask. As we flashback to a day in 1994, we see Ji-Soo winning a music contest but didn’t invite her parents to watch. Jae-Hyun later asks her why and she reveals a bruise on her arm. Back in the present, Ji-Soo refuses to play as she doesn’t want to waste her musical talent on a party for vulgar people. She then leaves, saying she will pay for the dress.

Jae-Hyun follows her and kneels down to help her put on comfortable shoes. He tells her he is sorry so she asks him why she has to be the one who survived and wants to let it all go. They then drive to the ocean just as they did in the past where they had their first kiss. Jae-Hyun tells her that he believes she survived because she must have something to do in the world that only her can do and that she can do anything she wants.

He also promises to be by her side before revealing that when she told him he was her world and belief, he wanted to tell her that she was her dream. The episode then ends with the two kissing.

As each episodes show us how Ji-Soo and Jae-Hyun fell in love and just what happened in the past, it deepens their bond on-screen and adds more substance to the drama. It has slowly been building up to show us their story so far and it is already bringing some emotional scenes to the drama.

While sometimes flashbacks can feel unnecessary, in this story they are a great addition and I am looking forward to see more of them as we carry on experiencing the same contrast between past and present. Both still have feelings for each other but before they can hopefully get their happy ending, they will certainly be facing some difficult obstacles. When My Love Blooms might not be the strongest K-Drama out there but it is still a pleasant one to watch, full of romance and emotion.

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