When My Love Blooms – K-Drama Episode 15 Recap and Review

The Penultimate Episode

The penultimate episode of When My Love Blooms sets the scene nicely for the finale as the fight between Jae-Hyun and his father-in-law is about to come to its conclusion. The drama has done a great job so far to develop its story and characters, leading to a dramatic ending, especially with the ultimatum Seo-Kyeong has given Ji-Soo.

Episode 15 of When My Love Blooms picks up where the last one left off as Jae-Hyun is stabbed by Hyuk-Soo’s father, Kang Pil-Ho. Ji-Soo runs towards him panicking and holds him in her arms. The killer is taken to the police while Ji-Soo rides in the ambulance to the hospital with Jae-Hyun, who is fighting for his life.

In hospital, Mr Kang arrives and is followed by Seo-Kyeong who asks him what happened. After finding out Ji-Soo was with her husband, she tells him to make sure only family is allowed in. As she walks outside, Ji-Soo remembers the past when Jae-Hyun got hurt during a protest. She stayed by his bedside and sang a beautiful love song to him.

In the morning, Ji-Soo is still waiting outside on a bench as Dong-Ji and Hye-Jung relay to her that Jae-Hyun’s surgery went well but that he is still unconscious. They force her to go home as she wanted to stay until he woke up.

Meanwhile, Se-Hoon gets a call from the police, asking him if he is the lawyer of Kang Pil-Ho while Jae-Hyun’s mum arrives by her son’s bedside. When she sees Jang though, she becomes even more upset. The latter tries explaining that her son was very loyal to him which caused this accident. He leaves the room with his daughter and tells her they must use this opportunity. However, Seo-Hyeong is unsure. Jang reminds her that even if she stays by his side while he gets better, he won’t go back to her.

Ji-Soo heads to see Se-Hoon next and confronts him about Pil-Ho as she knows he is not the kind of person who harms people. Se-Hoon denies any involvement but a flashback proves otherwise. Ji-Soo then decides to speak to the police about her doubts and Se-Hoon’s connection in the case.

Back in hospital, Jae-Hyun has finally woken up and finds Seo-Kyeong and Mr Kang looking down on him. When Seo-Kyeong realizes that her husband is looking for Ji-Soo, she tells him that she won’t come here but will text her that he is awake. She later brings Jun-Seo in the room and as they spend a happy moment together, Ji-Soo sneaks into the hospital and sees the three laughing together.

Se-Hoon arrives in the police station to represent Pil-Ho. The police officer tells him he won’t be able to as they are planning to subpoena him in court as he called the suspect two hours before the accident.

Young-Woo, Dong-Jin and Hye-Jung visit Jae-Hyun without Ji-Soo, who turned down coming with them. They send her a picture of Jae-Hyun to show her that he is okay. Ji-Soo gets a call from Seo-Kyeong who is waiting for her outside. While having drinks, Seo-Kyeong tells Ji-Soo that she would never have pursued Jae-Hyun if she had known about her. Ji-Soo then apologises properly, which prompts Seo to beg her to give up. She tells her she made a promise to Jae-Hyun that she will never disappear without telling him or let anything force her to say goodbye to him. Angry, Seo-Kyeong leaves and tells her she won’t give up either.

When Jae-Hyun gets discharged, he decides to stay with his mum despite the protests and lies from Seo-Kyeong. In his mother’s house, Jae-Hyun promises that he will be more present in his son’s life and visit with him more. He later visits Pil-Ho in prison who is very apologetic and cries when he sees Jae-Hyun. The latter explains that his father went through the same ordeal he has and after that, carried immense pain all his life. Pil-Ho tries to make amends so Jae-Hyun thanks him as he was finally able to let go of the sword that was in his heart.

Meanwhile, Chairman Jang becomes frustrated when he finds out that the stock price has increased by 30%, which is exactly what Jae-Hyun and the investors had planned. His assistants tell him that they would need to buy more to be in control but it would cost billions. He then orders them to bring him Jae-Hyun after finding out that he is planning to hold a general meeting.

When Jae-Hyun arrives in Jang’s office, the latter gets straight to the point and asks him what his plan is. Jae-Hyun tells him to step down as he is aware that he is not able to go ahead with the third party allotment. Jang protests so Jae-Hyun explains that he is planning to hold an extraordinary general meeting and is ready to fight.

After finding out that Jae-Hyun is staying with his mother, Ji-Soo decides to go and see him. After sharing some touching words with his mother, Ji-Soo waits for Jae-Hyun. As they walk together, he tells her he is almost back to his old self thanks to her. As she takes the coach back to Seoul, he decides to come too as he wants to be with her.

Chairman Jang arrives in the prosecutor’s office for his meeting. He is surprised when he starts getting interrogated on bribery, malpractice and collection of national taxes but also violating labor standards and the Labor Union Act.

Seo-Kyeong arrives in Ji-Soo’s house again to reveal that Jae-Hyun is trying to take over the company. She asks her if this is the kind of person she hates while Jang learns that Jae-Hyun has gathered the leaders of the joint labor-management conference and the executive members of the union. This makes Jang angry as he realizes that Jae-Hyun is planning to win over the shareholders while he is away. The episode ends with Seo-Kyeong asking Ji-Soo to stop Jae-Hyun and promising to leave him if she does.

As expected, Jae-Hyun survived the stabbing and even did the honorable thing of speaking to Pil-Ho about the whole ordeal. In the process, Se-Hoon seems to have brought his own demise which was quite satisfying. Seo-Kyeong, on the other hand, is ready to give up Jae-Hyun in exchange for Ji-Soo stopping him from taking over the company. This was quite the surprising twist and I am intrigued to see what will happen next.

The finale is up next which will almost certainly bring confrontations between some of characters and should conclude this romantic drama and its different plot points. It has been quite an emotional rollercoaster so far and I am hoping to see a well-deserved happy ending for Ji-Soo and Jae-Hyun as the series concludes!

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