When My Love Blooms – K-Drama Episode 11 Recap and Review


When My Love Blooms returns this week with an emotionally charged episode concentrating on Jae-Hyun’s father and exactly what led to his unfortunate demise. The revelation surrounding Ji-Soo’s father’s involvement was quite harrowing too, leading on to a very emotional ending for him and Ji-Soo.

Episode 11 of When My Love Blooms starts with Jae-Hyun explaining to Ji-Soo what happened to his father. He tells her that no one came to his funeral and their mum didn’t know why. Afterwards, they found in his paperwork the reasons why and all the accusations he faced from his colleagues. Then five years ago, Hyuk-Soo killed himself and since it reminded him of what happened to his father, he looked into it and found out that chairman Jang was responsible for both deaths.

Because of all the years he spent as Jang’s faithful hound, he didn’t mind spending 4 years in prison. After his father died, he had a very hard time and felt more and more guilty as time went by. Ji-Soo tries to comfort him and tells him his father is missing him and knows that Jae-Hyun has led a similar life by helping weak people.

In another flashback to 1995, we see Jae-Hyun arriving at Ji-Soo’s house but no one answered. He stayed there until quite late but unbeknownst to him, Ji-Soo was watching from behind the gate. He then decided to visit place they have been, hoping to see her somewhere before finally returning to the army base. We then cut to the day of his discharge as Dong-Jin came to pick him up. Jae-Hyun told him that he first wanted to repay his father who had given him money but with interest. Heading to campus, he remembered his moments with Ji-Soo and vowed to become a different and better person to her.

Meanwhile, Chairman Jang discusses Jae-Hyun with his advisor and wonders what he is up to. He is also worried as he found out that the prosecutors have taken their ledgers and shareholder meeting minute books too. He later calls Jae-Hyun into his office and gets straight to the point, asking just how far he is willing to go and if he is planning to replace him as chairman. Jae-Hyun doesn’t say anything though so the chairman mentions moving the borrowed named account between them and tells him that it can’t be called theft if it is between family members. Jae-Hyun reveals that this would only work if they are related by blood. Jang has one more card up his sleeve though and tells him he will not hesitate to put the blame on his daughter, which will land her in prison.

At home, Seo-Kyeong asks to meet Jae-Hyun where it all started. In a flashback, we see their first date in an amusement park. She showed him the merry-go-round she was abandoned by her mother on so Jae-Hyun made her go on it to face her fear. Back in the present, Seo-Kyeong asks him to go back to how things were and promises to love him and leave Se-Hwi. He replies that he is sorry but it feels like they are trying to fix a broken window. She then promises she will never let him go and since she broke the window, she will do her best to put it back together.

In the evening, Ji-Soo’s boss berates her for giving free lessons to Byeol. As they leave, she promises the little girl that she will find a solution as she wants to open her own piano academy. Unfortunately, the next day she gets fired as one of the Mothers found out she didn’t graduate from college. As she leaves, Jae-Hyun arrives too and when he finds out that she lost her job, he offers to give his credit card to her. She of course refuses but later gets a huge delivery of food from him in her flat.

The next day, Jae-Hyun receives a call from the sanitarium as Mr Yoon asks to see him. He takes him for a walk on top of a hill where Hyeong-Koo reveals he doesn’t have to forgive him and can push him off the cliff as he should be punished. He reveals that he was the one who prosecuted his father for illegal labour acts in the past. It was the same summer Jae-Hyun and Ji-Soon ran away and since he was furious against him, he decided to frame his father for the crimes he reported on the Hyung-Sung group. However, he ended up losing everything in the end so he apologises, knowing the crimes he committed against him are grave and deep.

In the evening, Jae-Hyun tries speaking to his son and suggests going away somewhere. He then remembers a day he visited his parents while in the army and his mother giving him money his dad left. In the present, he takes his son to bed while we see Seo-Hyeong meeting with Se-Hwi who tells her not to get a divorce as he knows she still loves Jae-Hyun.

The next day, Ji-Soo leaves Young-Min with his grandfather for a while. They bond over toys he bought for him but Hyeong-Koo tells his grandson that they are not for free as he needs to make sure he stays by his mother’s side since she has gone through a lot. He wants the two to live happily for a very long time.

While Young-Min is having lunch with his father to discuss his custody, Ji-Soo gets a call from the sanatorium about her father who has to be taken to the emergency ward due to pneumonia as he is unable to breathe on his own. Since he has signed paper forfeiting any life-sustaining treatment, the doctor asks Ji-Soo to come and say goodbye. Hyeong-Koo wants to give her a proper hug as he never has and promises to take all the burdens he has left her with him. As he tells her he loves her, he unfortunately gives his last breath and passes away.

The episode ends with Ji-Soo walking out of hospital and finding Jae-Hyun waiting for her. She tells him she doesn’t want anyone to leave her anymore and collapses into his arms crying.

Poor Ji-Soo has to face yet another ordeal now that her father is dead. It was quite the bittersweet moment too as he finally had some loving words for her. Jae-Hyun, on the other hand, found out that Hyeong-Koo was the one responsible for his own father’s death. Will this affect his current relationship with Ji-Soo? It will be interesting to see what happened from this revelation, especially when Ji-Soo learns the truth.

The scene between Hyeong-Koo and Young-Min was so touching too and brought some tears to my eyes. So far, all the cast are doing a wonderful job with this drama, portraying the pain and emotion the characters go through very naturally. When My Love Blooms may not be the strongest drama this year but the emotional story of our main couple, alongside their beautiful memories, make this show an easy one to watch and enjoyable nonetheless.


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