When I Was the Most Beautiful – Episode 4 Recap and Review

The Surprise Wedding

When I was the Most Beautiful returns this week with a much quicker paced episode. As the love triangle hits its messy climax, all of this is then eventually resolved into something that feels resolute. Of course, given we’re less than a quarter of the way through this drama the ending to this episode will be anything but smooth sailing.

Episode 4 of When I was the Most Beautiful begins with Seo-Hwan following Ye-Ji and reminiscing on old times. Specifically, they talk about the first time he laid eyes on her. Soon after, the duo get to work picking out soil.

With what they need, Hwan puts it in storage back home. However, he overhears his parents discussing Ye-Ji’s past. Unfortunately she too hears this and runs away.

Meanwhile, Jin arrives at Ye-Jin’s Aunt’s and warns her against interfering. After the newspaper article she gave their Mother last episode, he’s having none of this. He goes on to promise legal action if she continues and hands over an envelope full of money to quieten her down.

Ye-Ji eventually composes herself and heads back to start pottery work with Sung-Gon. As she does, she receives a call confirming that Jin gave her Aunt money and paid her off.

As Ye-Ji confronts him later that day, he admits that a part of him has been dead ever since his Father’s accident. Since then, he’s been trying to find something to anchor him back to normality. That anchor, he hopes, will be Ye-Ji.

Later that evening, Jin and Hwan discuss their affection for Ye-Ji. He tells his brother he’s too young and, inevitably, the two come to blows. As they trade punches, their Father heads out and in the commotion falls on the ground.

The next day, Sung-Gon heads out with Hwan up to the mountain on a hike. Hwan struggles to get through to his Father, who falls again, until eventually he promises to stop fighting with Jin. As they sit together, he tells his son to give up on his first love.

Jin has his own problems to deal with, as he learns his racing team have completely abandoned him on the back of the sponsor issues they’ve been facing. On the back of this, he heads home and admits to Ye-Ji that he’s going to stop racing.

As Jin hangs his head, Ye-Ji heads outside and finds herself face to face with Hwan. He asks her again whether she’ll consider dating him but she decides she’s going to leave. Just before she does, Hwan promises that he’ll see her again later in life.

With Jin and Hwan still butting heads, Sung-Gon heads over to Yeon-Ja’s house and files for a divorce. Elsewhere, after gaining her academic degree Ye-Ji takes the bus.

Only, when she gets off Hwan happens to be there waiting for her. He decides to give her a good send-off and the pair head off on a rail bike.

With a bouquet of flowers, Ye-Ji is shocked to find the family waiting for her back home. They invite her into the family with Hwan stepping back and letting Jin pursue his love interesting.

Some time later, Ye-Ji heads to prison in a bid to greet her Mum. Unfortunately she refuses to see her. As Ye-Ji walks away, the next scene cuts forward to show Jin and Ye-Ji getting married.

However, Carry Jung arrives and begins stirring things up. Hwan is then tasked him with making sure she doesn’t confront Ye-Ji.

Unfortunately it’s too late and Carry Jung heads in to see Ye-Ji. As she sits with her and snaps photos, she confirms she’s part of Jin’s racing team. Thankfully she doesn’t spoil the wedding and eventually leaves, promising to return after the honeymoon.

As she does, the wedding goes ahead as scheduled and the duo celebrate their big day.

The Episode Review

With a simple episode this time, When I Was the Most Beautiful resolves its love triangle in a bit of a contrived way.

While I understand Hwan’s motivations, the whole dynamic between Ye-Ji and Jin just hasn’t had enough time to grow. I don’t seem much chemistry between them and there’s a much more natural ebb and flow with her and Hwan.

The time jumps forward and the general pacing is a lot quicker this time too. I’d imagine we’re gearing up for some big drama to come but for now the show hasn’t quite hit its stride.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens but so far this is an enjoyable but rather mediocre romantic drama.

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