When I Was the Most Beautiful – Episode 12 Recap and Review

Carry’s Wrath

Episode 12 of When I Was the Most Beautiful sees all the previous drama, tensions and issues spill over into one messy, dramatic episode.

Carry drops a complete bombshell and admits that she was the one who helped Jin in the US. Ye-Ji is devastated but Carry is insistent, calling him her soulmate. Hwan arrives and tells Jin how disgusted he is of his brother, especially after everything that’s happened in the past.

Hwan grabs Carry though and takes her out the house. There, she winds up face to face to Ye-Ji where she admits that Yeon-Ja was the reason Jin was dragged back to Korea.

Emotions spill over and Ye-Ji and Jin have a full on argument. This argument eventually leads to Hwan interjecting and carrying Ye-Ji away. Just before they leave, Hwan calls his brother a scumbag and leaves him at the bottom of the stairs to cool off.

Meanwhile, Sung-Gon speaks to his son and tells him he should have been stronger. Before they can continue, Ye-Ji composes herself and heads down to start round 2 with her husband. Specifically, she asks about his past ties with Carry and whether they really had broken up or not. Having heard enough, she tells Jin she’s not able to forgive him and walks away. Shrugging Hwan aside, Ye-Ji starts packing her suitcase.

Elsewhere, Yeon-Ja berates Carry for what she’s done to her family. She warns the girl away from Jin but she’s not going down without a fight. Given she’s working with Chairman Bang, she promises that round 2 is coming and she better be ready.

On the back of the big fight, Ye-Ji heads off to see her Mum. She tells her not to quit her job or go away. Ye-Ji admits that she’ll be more at peace if her Mother sticks around. Determined to find out what really happened in the past, she heads back to see her Aunt to learn the truth.

When Hwan finds out, he rushes over to try and stop a big fight. Understandably, Amber is not happy but she lets her boyfriend go.

Finally though we see what happened in Ye-Ji’s past. Ye-Ji’s Father was an abuser, beating and hurting Go-Woon repeatedly. Ye-Ji happened to be in her room, pleading quietly for her Father to stop. Having heard enough, Ye-Ji heads out holding a gun.

After dropping it, her Father wrestled with Go-Woon for the gun and wound up shot as a consequence. Unfortunately this traumatic event caused Ye-Ji to have amnesia and forget the whole incident.

With the truth revealed, Ye-Ji is shocked and blames herself for what happened. Her mother sacrificed her entire life to make sure Ye-Ji didn’t suffer.

Still reeling from the effects of this, Jin and Hwan talk back at the house. Hwan explains that he wants Ye-Ji to be happy no matter what. His aim has always been for her to be content in life whereas Jin’s appears to be all about owning and controlling Ye-Ji.

Determined to prove his brother (and Ye-Ji) wrong, Jin goes all-in with his rehab. He stands up, miraculously walking toward Ye-Ji at her workshop. She admits it’s not enough to forgive him and walks away as Jin collapses to the ground.

Hwan and Amber show up, with the former helping his brother back to the car after his big, failed gesture. After this he remains more determined than ever to walk to win over Ye-Ji.

Unfortunately that’s easier said than done. Carry sends over a bouquet of flowers congratulating her for the big opening. On the slip of paper with it, she requests Ye-Ji come over so they can talk. Angry, Ye-Ji marches over to Carrie’s apartment as another big fight looks like it’s on the horizon.

The Episode Review

While the corporate sub-plot is a little lacking, the relationship melodrama really bubbles up and spills over into quite the dramatic episode. Hilariously, this drama is actually unashamedly ticking all the tropes. We’ve got Ye-Ji’s amnesia, the corrupt Chairman, a love triangle and many more.

Despite the narrative problems, there’s some endearing about this one that keeps you watching to see what happens next.

Some of that stems from the soapy drama and honestly this one could go anywhere next. This is definitely a guilty pleasure and despite all of its problems, it’s hard to take your eyes off this one!

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  1. This drama is like a horrific train accident. I so loath the older brother that the only way to save the drama and continue watching is the hope he will meet as horrific, tragic and painful demise as possible.
    His character even as a child was one of self interest and callousness to his family. Very much like his mother. He tried to kill his little brother in a climbing accident and forced his father to cut his rope and fall to his death, although he survived as a cripple.
    This is the type of man that forces his will on the FL and inexplicably despite a hundred warning signs she marries the dirt bag. How difficult it is to feel sympathy for her. One is torn over protecting her as a base instinct like Kwan or letting her suffer the consequences of her stupid decisions since she refuses to see the light about what kind of man the older brother is.

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