What We Do in the Shadows – Season 3 Episode 7 Recap & Review

The Siren

Episode 7 of What We Do In The Shadows Season 3 begins at the Mariners Harbor on Staten Island. Colin Robinson and Laszlo commandeer a boat, scaring off the passengers already aboard to embark on a big mission. They’re on their way to Plum Island, which Colin believes could well hold the key to the origins of his powers. It turns out Laszlo has a big history of sailing too, which explains why he’s so adept at this.

Meanwhile, Nadja and Nandor continue to disagree about who’s taking the reigns of the Vampiric Council. In fact, the pair decide to alternate council duties, with Nandor and Nadja each taking charge on different dates. The trouble is, they both end up undoing what the other has put into practice, making it completely counterproductive. As The Guide herself tells us, these two are the worst vampiric council in history.

With Nadja distracted with council duties she loses sight of how unhappy her possessed doll is. In fact, the little tyke  skips out one night after an interview involving Guillermo. However, this leads to both Nandor and Nadja frantically trying to find her when they find out.

The pair are joined by Guillermo who heads to the department store with them to find her. Nadja’s doll is up on the shelves but she skips across to different vessels as they chase her through the streets. It takes a while but eventually Nadja convinces her to come back home again.

En-route to Plum Island, Colin and Laszlo are enticed to stop off at a nearby island where a creature happens to be singing. It’s a siren, who happens to be half-chicken. Apparently these creatures take many different forms, with the most popular actually being a bird. Thankfully Laszlo manages to make it back to the mainland but Colin is kept under the siren’s command.

Heading to the department store, Laszlo tries to find noise cancelling headphones but ends up coming home with a whole bunch of electronic trinkets as well. Eventually though Laszlo heads back to the island with his noise-cancelling headphones, grabbing Colin and taking him home. In doing so though, Colin ends up with a recording of the siren song. Could he really be in love?

The Episode Review

What We Do In The Shadows returns with another good episode, this time with Laszlo and Colin mixed up with a siren while Nadja’s doll is brought back to the forefront of this story through a nicely written plot about her insecurities.

The dual stories continue to work beautifully here, and this chapter piles on the laughs that this show is synonymous with.

Season 3 has been just as good as the previous two seasons, with some cleverly written episodes that bring events and issues from the previous chapters nicely to the foreground of this show’s lore again.

Quite what the rest of the season has in store for us remains too be seen but based on this showing, it does look like we’ve got plenty of laughs in the pipeline.

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