What We Do in the Shadows – Season 2 Episode 6 Recap & Review

The Debt

What We Do In The Shadows is arguably the funniest comedy on TV right now. It’s a show that constantly manages to reinvent itself with new and wacky ideas that fit perfectly with the tone of the series. This week the focus turns to Laszlo, who finds himself in hot water thanks to a long-standing debt he’s been refusing to pay.

Episode 6 of What We Do In The Shadows begins with a mystery man arriving at the house to meet Laszlo. It turns out this vampire, known as Jim The Vampire, is after money owed to him but instead of paying him back, Laszlo decides to flee. He dons the disguise of Jackie Daytona, heads to Pennsylvania and starts running a bar.

Once there, Laszlo falls in love with Volleyball. When the team don’t make Regional finals, Laszlo has an idea – running a talent show to score the funds needed to send them. Unfortunately Jim The Vampire arrives but Laszlo’s fool-proof disguise with his toothpick and atrocious accent is enough to trick him for now.

Jim returns on the night of the Talent Show and the mirror reveals Laszlo’s truth. As the two fight around the pub, Laszlo’s fire-breathing causes the buckets of money raised for the volleyball team to set on fire and cause the plans for Regionals to disappears.

In the wake of what happened, Jim and Laszlo square their debt thanks to a talking fish-head placard. Laszlo goes on to set fire to the pub to help raise the insurance money needed to pay for the volleyball team and returns home to the others. Jim however, decides to stay on as the volleyball coach, which is where the episode ends.

With a guest appearance from Mark Hamill and some great jokes throughout, Shadows delivers another really good episode. While it’s not quite at the same level as the earlier episodes of this series, the jokes come thick and fast throughout. Matt Berry’s comedic timing has always been on-point and this week’s Laszlo-heavy chapter only reinforces that.

Much like the first season, Shadows is establishes itself as one of the best comedies on TV right now and as we cross the halfway point of the show, it’ll be interesting to see what happens within the remaining episodes.


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