What We Do in the Shadows – Season 2 Episode 1 Recap & Review


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Last year, What We Do In The Shadows was one of the best comedies of the year and brought with it,a uniquely charming wit and colourful array of characters. From werewolves and a vampiric acid trip through to Guillermo’s unique character arc, Shadows mixed this creativity really well with a strong dose of humour. As the second season bares its fangs, it looks to follow suit with this opening episode.

It’s been an interesting Summer for our characters, especially Guillermo who’s now a vampire hunter after assassins try to kill Nandor and the others. After a string of other familiar deaths, new guy Topher arrives at the house as Nadja and Laszlo’s new familiar and immediately causes tension with Guillermo.

That tension ultimately turns to death, as Topher meets an untimely end. Lazlo and Nadja however, decide now is the perfect time to find a necromancer called Wallace to help reanimate him from the dead.

Despite being sceptical about his methods, Wallace succeeds in bringing Topher back from the dead but he’s clearly not himself. Guillermo speaks to the group and suggests Topher is now a zombie. The vampires push back though, prompting Guillermo to almost admit the truth about his vampire hunting.

Instead, he ends up in a fight with Topher all round the house. Eventually Nandor gets involved and saves Guillermo from a watery fate. Realizing that Topher is definitely a zombie, they head back to Wallace who apologises and promises to keep him in exchange for a key-chain.

As the episode closes out, Guillermo talks about his life as a familiar and how he’ll be ready if Nandor tries to get rid of him.

With some hilarious scenes involving the necromancer and a lot of well written jokes peppered throughout, What We Do In The Shadows picks up where it left off last season and continues to deliver the same style of humour alongside its imaginative stories. With a new arc for Guillermo to follow and lots of potential for the season ahead, Shadows bows out it first episode on a high.

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