What We Do in the Shadows – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review


The Vampire Council

With the recent news of its renewal this week, What We Do In The Shadows celebrates in the best possible way, with a smattering of celebrity cameos and a continuation of last week’s plot involving the (now-crispy) Baron.

Still high on drug blood, Nandor, Laszlo and Nadja all deliberate over what to do about the Baron. Unable to find Guillermo, whose in shock outside over what he’s done, they leave it until the following night where their lack of knowledge results in a fairly lacklustre commemoration for The Baron. However, their tribute is short-lived as a ghostly vampire shows up and summons them to the vampire council. Leaving with Guillermo, they arrive at a reasonably normal building before being taken down into the basement.

Once there, the celebrity cameos begin, including Dave Bautista as Garrett and Tilda Swinton as the leader of the council itself. Various different celebrities all convene to cast judgment on the trio, up for trial over the crime of murdering The Baron. As we learn the identity of all the vampires, it turns out Colin Robinson is also a member of the council too. The first witness comes forward, The Baron’s familiar, who tells the court about their plot to murder him and how they coerced him into eating human food.

With the council still murmuring over what they’ve heard and Wesley (Wesley Snipes) two steps behind via Skype, Guillermo steps forward as the second witness and admits it was him who killed The Baron. Unfortunately, no one believes him and his claim is dismissed almost immediately. However, the council find the trio to be guilty and sentence the vampires to being burnt alive in a well.

Despite a feeble escape attempt, the vampires find themselves caught under the well with the sunlight rising higher with every passing minute. Thankfully, Colin Robinson appears with an umbrella, blocking out the sun and allowing the vamps enough time to escape. The episode then ends with one of the recurring themes this year – Guillermo’s inner conflict over whether he’ll be turned into a vampire or not – as Colin teases him over this prospect.

What We Do In The Shadows delivers a very funny and well written episode. Continuing on from last week, the plot has a distinct arc to it and there’s a few nicely worked twists here too to keep things interesting. The celebrity appearances are certainly unexpected and the sheer number of famous faces here is pretty impressive too. For the most part, they all slot nicely into this world and what better way to celebrate the show’s renewal, than by knocking it out the park with an excellent episode.


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