What We Do in the Shadows – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review


A Night On The Town

What We Do In The Shadows begins this week with the vampires becoming anxious about the Baron being in their attic. Colin stirs things up, telling them he’s none too happy with the trio before the Baron’s familiar suddenly appears and gives them a knowing look – the Baron is awake.

Appearing theatrically with a burst of flickering light, the Baron tells them he wants a night on the town. Hesitant, the other vampires try to dissuade him against this but as Laszlo is levitated and thrown against the wall, they hastily retract their decision and decide to go ahead with his plan. Before they do, the Baron breaks the fourth wall and kills the sound recorder on the crew.

As the baron gets ready, dressing himself in flamboyant red robes, the trio of vamps think about “accidently” killing him. They quickly reject that idea though as Colin arrives with the Baron, with plans to dress him up into something a little more mundane.

Sporting a Devil’s hat and a grey coat, the Baron flaunts around town recklessly, drinking blood and discussing the old ways of vampires. The Baron gets a round of shots in too – which sees him suspending a man in the air and drinking his blood. High off the alcohol content of the men he’s eaten, the Baron eats pizza pie and throws up in an alleyway, seeing him flying around the city, propelled by his own vomit.

Still reeling from the high this brings, they all go raving, drinking the blood of drugged up ravers. This consequently makes them feel the effects too, as Nadja gurns and Nandor pretends to be a wizard. They then close the night out by karaoking before heading home. As the Baron stumbles upstairs, he falls off the landing. When he stands up, Guillermo arrives home and the sunlight burns the Baron to a crisp.

Once again What We Do In The Shadows delivers another enjoyable episode. The comedy is on point, with a perfect fourth wall break midway through to accentuate the punch line. The actual narrative is decent too and quite what the Baron’s death means for the other vampires remains to be seen. For now though, there’s enough here to make What We Do In The Shadows one of the better comedies released this year.


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