What We Do in the Shadows – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review


Vamps VS Wolves

When it comes to mockumentaries and in particular, ones that flirt the line between two genres, it’s always difficult to keep that going throughout a series without wavering in comedic value. Thankfully, What We Do In The Shadows continues to deliver, offering another hilarious slice of drama as werewolves arrive in town.

We begin the episode with Laszlo showing us his bush collection. From a prized rabbit through to a replica of Nadja, he proudly shows off his collection before noticing a werewolf has sprayed nearby. Repulsed, he hurries off to tell the others. At this point, Nandor offers us a brief background on the truce that exists between vampire and werewolf kind. Concerned this may be under jeopardy, the vampires band together to find the wolves.

They don’t have long to look though, as one of them arrives in the yard, subsequently getting caught in a trap on the lawn. Vowing to get his revenge, the werewolf hobbles off to regroup with his pack. Upon their return, the two groups square off and look set to fight until Nandor reminds them of the truce. As they retreat to the house, they deliberate over the scripture, seeing that the fighting can be resolved with a 1 on 1 fight between two champions.

Meanwhile, Colin meets a new girl at work called Evie who takes him by surprise. Unable to drain any energy from her, he obsesses over her power only to come to the realization that she’s an emotional vampire; an upgrade over his energy powers. As the two square off in the office, they decide to set aside their differences and team up, draining the energy and emotions from everyone around them whilst engaging in a relationship together. As their storyline ends, so too does their romance as Colin breaks up with her and the two share one final feast.

We then finish the episode with the climactic fight between vampire and werewolves. As both champions are chosen, Nandor picks up a chew toy and throws it, subsequently sending the wolf into a frenzy. Chasing after it, he falls off the bridge they’re standing on and lands in a heap on the ground. Leaving them to lick their wounds, the vampires return to the house where Laszlo rights the wrongs done to his bushes.

With the introduction of werewolves this episode, What We Do In The Shadows does a fantastic job mixing things up and keeping the show unpredictable. The comedy remains throughout the episode too and there’s a great array of jokes here. While Guillermo does take a bit of a backseat this episode, the other characters showcased shine, including the werewolves themselves.

Quite where this season will go from here is anyone’s guess but based on what we’ve seen so far, it looks set to be a highly enjoyable and hilarious ride well worth taking.


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