What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim (Philippines) – Episode 2 Recap & Review

The Boss’s Proposal

Episode 2 of What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim starts with Brandon at the gym with his friend and work colleague, Philip. Brandon wonders what is wrong with Kim. Philip asks if he did anything wrong to trigger her resignation, but Brandon says that is impossible. He is perfect and doesn’t make mistakes. He tells Philip that Secretary Kim is leaving for personal reasons, but he doesn’t know what they are.

Philip suggests he looks into it since the company can’t afford to lose a competent worker like Secretary Kim, plus she knows a lot about the company. Brandon assures Philip that he will find a way to stop Kim from leaving. As they talk, some girls try to get Brandon’s attention, but he is too distracted by his reflection in the mirror. 

Elsewhere, Secretary Kim calls her family and informs them that she is quitting her job. They are happy for her and promise to take care of her. Secretary Kim has always prioritised her family and their needs. It is part of the reason she worked at Prime Alpha for nine years. They believe it is time for her to start dating, but she says she is not ready yet. The only excitement in her life is a book from her favourite author, Morpheus.

At the office, Secretary Kim’s colleagues learn of her resignation and wonder what is wrong. At the same time, Brandon acts unusually cold towards Secretary Kim. Their first agenda is to fire Greg, the man behind the corruption charges. Mr Greg gives some flimsy excuse for why he did it, but Brandon refuses to give him a second chance. Secretary Kim orders Greg’s secretary to clear his office immediately.

After Greg’s situation, Brandon offers to double Secretary Kim’s salary, give her profit-sharing for two years, and add a retirement plan benefit to her contract. He is surprised when she turns down his offer. She heads to the bank, where we learn she finally paid back her loan. She took the loan to help her family when her dad fell sick. Now he is better, the loan is fully paid, and she can afford to take a break. 

Later, Brandon has lunch with his parents, and they ask about Greg. They are unhappy with how quickly he fired Greg, and his dad thinks it might jeopardise an upcoming deal with JMY. After hearing that Secretary Kim double-checked the allegations against Greg, they let the matter go. Brandon’s dad trusts her judgement but asks Brandon to find the real reason why Greg bribed the board. The discussion somehow turns to him finding the reason as to why Secretary Kim is resigning. Brandon’s mom says he can’t let Secretary Kim resign. 

After lunch, Brandon asks Secretary Kim if she is sure she is not making a mistake. He wonders why she would leave a perfect boss like him. To this, Secretary Kim explains that perfect can be exhausting. She switches the topic to an upcoming deal, but Brandon is still stuck on the resignation. He asks her to explain her personal reasons, and she says they are private. He insists on negotiating, but she turns his offer down. She starts rumbling about needing time to treat a UTI. He points out they have medication for that and asks her to take a one-week paid leave. She refuses this offer, too, adding she wants time for herself.

Brandon is confused about why she needs time to meet and mingle, plus who she is meeting. Out of the blue, Secretary Kim receives a message from her sister about a dating site. She blurts out that she needs time to meet her boyfriend and start looking for a marriage partner. She points out that she is 29, and time is not on her side. In a shocking twist, Brandon proposes to marry her, and things quickly get awkward. 

The Episode Review

Brandon believes he always gets what he wants, and this situation with Secretary Kim has him tripping. She has turned down all his generous offers and is adamant about quitting. This probably scares Brandon since he is used to having her around, and she is the best secretary ever. However, there is more to it than he lets on; otherwise, why would he suddenly propose? Is this just another business deal to him? Is he simply doing everything he can to win the negotiation, or will he admit he has feelings for her? Honestly, does he know he has feelings for her?

As for Secretary Kim, it is about time she prioritises herself. Good for her! She deserves a break, and seeing her take a stand and stick to it is interesting. She has the patience of an angel to deal with Brandon, who can be a handful. Let us see what happens after the proposal, episode 3; here we come!

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