What Is It Like To Be Loved? – Yash Bansal | Album Review

what is it like to be loved

Track Listing

Without A Doubt
Waiting For The Sunrise
What Is It Like To Be Loved


What Is It Like To Be Loved? is the latest EP from Yash Bansal, combining emotionally sound lyrics, simple bass drums and a distinct focus on Trap influences.

As far as trap music goes, What Is It Like To Be Loved certainly has some good additions and “Waiting For The Sunrise” in particular has a really nice hook that’ll undoubtedly have you bopping your head along. However, the self-titled “What Is It Like To Be Loved?” is easily the stand-out on the album. The melody is good, the lyrics heartfelt and there’s a god range of instruments used too.

Having said that though, there are moments in this EP where the sound is almost too loud, with all the instruments and vocals fighting for dominance in the soundscape. Whether it’s a case of moving the instruments to different channels or tightening everything up in the studio I’m not sure, but this is definitely noticeable across all four tracks. For clarity, with all albums and EPs reviewed we tend to listen with in-ear headphones, bassy over-ear headphones and also on a stereo system – all three ran into this same problem.

It’s also worth pointing out that it’s difficult to gauge the vocal quality across this EP too. I understand this is the age of auto-tune but there are a wealth of other effects layered across the lyrics too. Expect distortion, reverb, echoing and tempo-adjustments in abundance here, with some notes giving off a distinct electronica style.

While there’s nothing wrong with that per-se, it becomes problematic when the effects drown out the lyrical content, making it difficult to discern exactly what’s being said at different moments of each track. This is especially prevalent just before a big bass drum or melody kicks back in.

That’s a shame because there’s actually some good work done with the lyrics too, especially as Yash Bansal says in his own words: “This EP is a letter to myself about the things I consider flaws within me.” After discerning what those lyrics are, it definitely gives the EP some meaning but you may find yourself straining to hear every individual word.

Despite those gripes though, What Is It Like To Be Loved? is a decent enough EP and has some really good melodies that will undoubtedly have you bopping your head along. The final two tracks are arguably the best, although given there’s only four tracks tin this EP, it’s definitely worth your time to check out if you’re a fan of trap music.

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  • Verdict - 6/10

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