Whatever’s Clever – New Norde | Album Review

Track List

Want Me
Just Yr Luck


For it being a debut EP, Whatever’s Clever by New Norde, attracts the senses and is beautifully composed. Formed in 2019, the band has become settled in their skin and in the rock genre, pushing the fundamentals of their sound skywards. By doing this, they’ve started to make a name for themselves around the underground scene. There isn’t a sharp rawness to their sound, or a mistimed beat, as every note sounds professional and every strum assured.

It really is astounding to hear such confidence coming through the music, with this collection being the band’s first. The songs which make up this EP have been meticulously created and show no weakness or a brittle aftermath. This alone really shows how talented New Norde are. Their music sweeps away any notion of mediocrity or failure, and it transcends so much on a high level.

It isn’t just the music made with  the instruments that exceed here, it’s the words too; the narrative yarn which surpasses. The musicians aren’t here to only play, they’re here to let us into their worlds, their fears and their dreams.

Bubbling with intensity, the lyrics convey normal day-to-day routines becoming out of shape, and the poetic strands also detail relationships derailing quickly.  Whatever’s Clever does this so well, and the band members do not shy away from telling their stories.

‘Bleeder’ starts the record off with a thumping guitar riff that increases and boils over in a great way. The vocal work is sincere enough, but the lyrics describe fiery moments. Sentiments die hard here.

‘Want Me’ offers the same aura, and it chronicles hard drinking and trying to abstain from all of these toxins. The riff augments the song with style, and the percussion is apparent, giving it needed muscle. ‘Amy’ is an acoustic song, detailing troubles, and a flawed bond. It dazzles fully, and the chorus channels aggression. ‘Slack’ then closes out this EP with elements of punk and a signature rock sound, cranking up the volume with hooks.

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  • Verdict - 9/10

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