Westworld – Season 4 Episode 6 “Fidelity” Recap & Review


Episode 6 of Westworld Season 4 starts with us in the city of nightmares, with Outliers on the run and attempting to escape the Hosts. Jay is the latest in a line of rebels that have been saved, and he’s taken to a safehouse, away from the Tower. Among those leading the charge are Frankie and her mother, reinforcing the theory that “C” in Bernard’s vision is Frankie. The C could stand for Caleb.

Anyway, Bernard and C dig up their “weapon” , which is Maeve. They take her to the remnants of the city and remain determined to bring her back to end this ongoing war.

Inside, Bernard leads C through the inner-workings of the city, finding a lab. They need to replace Maeve’s control unit, and fix her up too. Interestingly, we also learn here that hats are used to collect data. The tech is slow and primitive by “today’s standard” but this soon changed when those in Westworld chose to use mirrors. Their idea was to play on humanity’s vanity; another Charlotte Hale invention.

Anyway, Bernard uses this tech to try and process through Maeve’s maze-mind but it’s going to take some time. Time they don’t have.

It doesn’t take long for C to realize Bernard has an alternate plan going on here and shoots him in the chest. But why? Well, apparently Bernard is a mole and believes that he’s trying to copy the data from all these rebels so he can make copies of them. Bernard doesn’t elaborate further, for some reason, while C remains determined to continue pressing on with finding the truth about Maeve. The control unit they’re currently working with has all the information she needs about Caleb.

After tying up Bernard and Stubbs, the former tries to convince C that one of her rebels is the mole. According to Bernard, one of them went into the heart of Hale City… and has never come back. The only solution for her is to kill one of them… or they’ll kill her. So who is the mole?

C begins suspecting everyone, eventually deciding that her girlfriend is the one responsible. She locks her up and takes off. The thing is, she’s not the one who’s the mole, it’s her trusted right-hand man, J. It seemed obvious from earlier in the episode but now we see it for certain.

Meanwhile, Caleb awakens to find Charlotte in the room. Turning an hourglass, she believes he’s the key to the “infection” spreading to the Outliers. Caleb refuses to spill the details though, but Charlotte is determined to find out and to transfer his mind into different failing bodies until she’s satisfied.

So what we get from here is a maze featuring Caleb tumbling through his reality, trying to get some answers and escape the inescapable. After killing a host, he begins crawling through the vents. When Charlotte learns that he’s on the run, she loses her patience.

As for Caleb, he makes it onto the roof and records a message for Frankie. He promises that she’s going to win because she’s stronger than him and the world Charlotte has made is real. He apologizes for failing and calls her his warrior. “I love you,” Caleb signs off.

Of course, we then get confirmation that C is Caleb’s daughter, Frankie. However, Maeve awakens too and kills J before he can continue his murderous rampage. C is convinced that Caleb is alive and decide to head out and find him. As for Charlotte, she burns all remnants of Caleb and rebuilds him in her own image, turning him into a Host she can control.

The Episode Review

I don’t want to say Westworld has run out steam this season, because there are glimmers of a great story here, but this episode doesn’t really have all that much going on. Sure, we get the Bernard plotline and more details about C, whom we finally learn for sure is Caleb’s daughter, but we also get that long escape run with Caleb which feels drawn out and stretched to the end of the episode.

The whole idea of the resistance group and one among them being a mole is certainly tense, but that dissipates when you realize we don’t actually know a whole lot about these characters. When the “turn” does happen with J, it doesn’t quite have the same gravitas it may have had.

However, the visuals and the pacing are both excellent this time around again, but with two episodes left it’s unclear exactly where this one is going in the future. Let’s hope the season rounds out with a bombastic couple of episodes!

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