Welcome to Wedding Hell – K-Drama Episode 12 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Reaching Home Plate

How do Na-eun and Jun-hyeong handle the rest of their preparations?

Episode 12 of Welcome to Wedding Hell shows us that, since the big reconciliation, there have been plenty of hurdles for Na-eun and Jun-hyeong. Fortunately, they’ve overcome them together without any arguments.

They make it all the way to the eve of the big day before Na-eun starts feeling nervous. She passes some time with her friends, listening to Hui-seon complain about Min-woo renting flashy cars to impress her. Na-eun shocks Hui-seon with the revelation that Min-woo does, in fact, own them, and he happens to be the second son of Fuzima Construction.

Does Hui-seon give Min-woo a chance?

Na-eun gives Jun-hyeong a call and asks him to bring Min-woo along to meet with her and her friends. Su-yeon, in cahoots with Na-eun, starts openly flirting with Min-woo to try and make Hui-seon jealous enough to realise her feelings.

It works, and after the others make an early departure, the two laugh and talk. By the time the wedding rolls around, they’re openly dating.

Do the mothers-in-law stay true to their word?

They definitely do, and on the night before the wedding, each mum has a sincere moment with her child. Both want nothing but happiness for the future.

Does the wedding go as planned?

When the big day arrives, Jun-hyeong is a bundle of nerves. Na-eun calms him down with the words he used on her the day before, telling him that they’re in this together and she’ll be there to support him if anything goes wrong.

Jun-hyeong also has Min-woo rearrange the congratulatory wreaths so that Na-eun’s dad doesn’t feel uncomfortable about any disparity between their families. He earns an appreciative smile and thumbs up from Na-eun’s dad.

The ceremony itself is beautiful and passes without a hitch. Na-eun and Jun-hyeong say their vows confidently and walk off into their future together.

The Episode Review

Success! Our couple can finally move on from their wedding hell into wedded bliss. Surprisingly, this episode was smooth sailing without a fight to be had. Na-eun and Jun-hyeong showed each other nothing but love and support, and it was… boring.

Rather than inspiring a feeling of triumph found against the odds, all the drawn-out sappiness was rather tedious. The cause of this can be found in the fact that Na-eun and Jun-hyeong’s relationship is much the same now as it was when we met them in episode 1. Without a passionate romance or a significant relationship arc, what satisfaction are we supposed to find in their flat happy-ever-after?

The bright side to all this was that Hui-seon and Min-woo, for all their bickering, are kind of adorable. As are Na-eun’s parents. At least now everyone can finally find a bit more peace.

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  1. it’s sad because this show had potential. I started to get bored of this that I agree they should have gotten married. XD

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