Welcome to Wedding Hell – K-Drama Episode 9 Recap & Review

Bench-Clearing Brawl

Episode 9 of Welcome to Wedding Hell starts with Jun-hyeong agonising over whether to call Na-eun. He doesn’t and she spends the next day at work staring at her phone. Hui-seon tells her to apologise first so that Jun-hyeong will follow suit. Su-yeon is against this in case it sets the wrong tone for future disputes.

Hui-seon and Su-yeon return to their desks, where their boss congratulates Hui-seon, having seen her with Min-woo and assumed that her boyfriend was gifting her a fancy car. Neither Su-yeon nor their boss gives Hui-seon time to clarify as they speculate.

So, it’s no surprise when Min-woo gets a text from Hui-seon that reads ‘moron’. With him is Jun-hyeong, who receives a text from Na-eun asking to meet for dinner.

The tension at dinner is palpable. Na-eun ends up apologising first, and in the volley of apologies that follows, she accepts blame for not speaking up about being uncomfortable to begin with and Jun-hyeong apologises for creating and escalating the situation.

They agree that they were both in the wrong and decide to take care to avoid ending up in this position again. Jun-hyeong also asks Na-eun to bring her mum, who is a real estate agent, along with them to look at places to rent.

When the day arrives, much to Na-eun and her mum’s dismay, Jun-hyeong’s mum tags along. A flashback shows us that she pressured Jun-hyeong into bringing her with the excuse of needing to make it up to Na-eun.

The first place they inspect is new and bright but far from the subway station, which Na-eun uses to commute to work. Jun-hyeong’s mum loves it.

The second place is worn but in a great location. Na-eun’s mum loves it. She proposes that they buy it and fix it up. Jun-hyeong’s mum obviously hates this idea and leaves abruptly.

The group reconvenes for lunch, where the mums practically go to war, each trying to convince the other’s child that their view is best.

Na-eun, shaken, excuses herself. Jun-hyeong follows and suggests that they discuss whether to rent or buy later and focus on salvaging their parents’ relationship for now. Na-eun would rather decide between themselves before going back to the table to inform their mums.

Jun-hyeong gives into her on autopilot. Sick of him doing this, Na-eun blames him for allowing this situation to happen again so soon after the furniture debacle.

Jun-hyeong’s mum, who crept up on them, overhears this and repeatedly asks Na-eun to explain herself. Na-eun can only apologise. Na-eun’s mum also joins them, ready for confrontation, and questions whether Jun-hyeong’s mum really doesn’t understand the situation or if she’s pretending not to.

The Episode Review

That first mutual apology was calm and reasonable. But it was almost too calm and reasonable, as though Na-eun and Jun-hyeong were holding back their real feelings rather than facing them. It gave the impression that we were back to the old sweep-under-the-rug approach that they seem to favour.

Then everything slowly descended into a huge, tempestuous mess (featuring some pretty amusing sniping from the mums), and we’re better for it. After all the almost robotic happiness, this felt cathartic.

It seems like things are going to have to get really ugly before Na-eun and Jun-hyeong finally learn how to handle their disputes. And judging by the preview, ugly things will get. Though, I’d love to also see them working together against a common enemy again (like they did during the family meeting) before this short series is over.

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