Welcome to Wedding Hell – K-Drama Episode 8 Recap & Review

Ground into Double Play

Episode 8 of Welcome to Wedding Hell begins with Min-woo trying to impress Hui-seon with a tailored look, a flashy car and a cringy pick-up line. His loud, public antics just embarrass her.

Jun-hyeong misses the opening of the wedding gifts from Na-eun’s family because of a meeting that runs late. There has apparently been a line of similar instances since the events of the previous episode.

Things only spiral from there, with his mother becoming involved in the couple’s furniture shopping plans.

Jun-hyeong’s mum is overflowing with well-intentioned excitement when they begin their shopping spree. At their first shop, Na-eun has her heart set on a particular bed. Her mother-in-law deems its design too hard to maintain, though not in an unfriendly way.

Taking Jun-hyeong aside, Na-eun likens shopping with his mum to shopping with a boss whose favour she’s trying to win – one whose preferences she will have to bend to.

When they return to Jun-hyeong’s mum, she tries to talk Na-eun out of buying a dishwasher. Na-eun tries a verbal trick Su-yeon taught her and, miraculously, it makes her mother-in-law back down. She does it again when her mother-in-law tries to insist that she buy a kimchi fridge with the same result.

Jun-hyeong’s mum then decides that she will buy the couple a kimchi fridge. When Na-eun steps away to take a call, Jun-hyeong takes a stand, accusing his mum of nitpicking and picking fights. He almost backs down but glances at Na-eun and holds strong. Seeing this, his mum makes an early exit.

Na-eun wants to go after Jun-hyeong’s mum, but Jun-hyeong wants to stay. His heart obviously isn’t in it though, and Na-eun blames him for allowing this situation to occur in the first place. Thinking of his mum’s earlier excitement, Jun-hyeong becomes irate, wondering why Na-eun is so uncomfortable.

Na-eun leaves in anger and Jun-hyeong doesn’t follow. He ends up at a bar with Min-woo, tired of apologising and determined not to cave. He also tells Min-woo about Hui-seon getting into the unknown man’s – who we can now confirm wasn’t Min-woo – car.

Na-eun waits for Jun-hyeong to call her and apologise. Her dad asks whether getting all these apologies from Jun-hyeong is worth it. Thinking back, she sees that they actually made her feel worse.

Jun-hyeong makes up with his mum, but before the big day has even arrived, he finds himself thinking that marriage is hard.

The Episode Review

Have we shed the formula (i.e., Na-eun gets mad, Jun-hyeong tries to understand why, Jun-hyeong apologises and repeat) Welcome to Wedding Hell was trapping itself with? I have to say, I did not hold any hope for our leads to reflect on the actual root of all their issues. But perhaps all this miscommunication has been building towards something worthwhile?

Neither person was willing to apologise at the end of this episode, but both were entertaining a contemplative mindset. And both of them have valid reasons to be upset and valid reasons not to simply ignore the problem and move on.

This is the perfect launch pad for a journey towards understanding how to fit into each other’s lives. Will tomorrow’s episode use it for take-off?

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