Welcome to Wedding Hell – K-Drama Episode 7 Recap & Review


Episode 7 of Welcome to Wedding Hell starts with Min-woo declaring that a baseball player that has made one error is bound to make another.

Waiting in line outside a luxury watch seller in the early morning, Na-eun plans to get her hands on a specific model that Jun-hyeong has been coveting. When the store finally opens, the model isn’t even available. Na-eun plans to come every day if she must, wanting to give Jun-hyeong a surprise that equals the wedding gifts she received.

Meanwhile, Jun-hyeong is anxious over the text from Hui-seon that totalled the price of his family’s gifts. Min-woo is equally perplexed that Hui-seon did the calculating.

The next time Jun-hyeong and Na-eun meet, he finds her buying a spot in tomorrow’s queue. He realises that she wants to do something special for him and stops fretting.

When Na-eun rushes to join that queue the following day, Jun-hyeong texts with news that he’s used his connections to secure a different model from the same brand. He’s elated, thinking he’s made life easier for Na-eun.

Unable to coordinate their schedules, Jun-hyeong leaves his card with the manager, and Na-eun swings by that night – miserable – to pay.

The next day, Jun-hyeong weathers a cold front from Na-eun. Min-woo guesses that it’s because Jun-hyeong chose a model that was more expensive than the one Na-eun originally planned to buy.

This assumption is quashed by Hui-seon when she has dinner with Min-woo that night, though she refuses to discuss Na-eun’s business further. Min-woo, never one to beat around the bush, also confesses his interest in Hui-seon and discloses that Jun-hyeong saw her text.

Meanwhile, Na-eun is standoffish with Jun-hyeong while she shops for more wedding gifts. Jun-hyeong eventually asks why she’s so upset but she doesn’t answer. Grasping at straws, he brings up the more expensive model and further offends Na-eun. She still doesn’t explain her anger.

They go their separate ways, and Jun-hyeong meets Hui-seon to get some answers. Hui-seon enlightens him on Na-eun’s disappointment at having her effort overtaken and then being apart from Jun-hyeong both when he got the watch and when she had to pay. Hui-seon also explains that her text was the result of the price tag.

Jun-hyeong goes straight to Na-eun. They make up with a warm embrace after he apologises.

The Episode Review

The big apologies that arrive at the end of each episode are starting to feel like an inside joke since this couple insists on making the same mistakes all over again every time we come back and hit the play button.

A lot of their problems could be solved with better communication (the same can be said for many other K-Drama romances, but that’s a topic for another day), and this issue really crystalised into a huge, unavoidable boulder sitting in the way of a healthy relationship when Na-eun refused to just tell Jun-hyeong why she was mad. With this attitude, I’m honestly not sure how they made it all the way to a proposal, and I worry about how they’d handle building a future together.

All this miscommunication might have worked in a sitcom that wasn’t trying to take itself seriously, but here it only makes the leads seem childish and petty.

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