Welcome to Wedding Hell – K-Drama Episode 6 Recap & Review


Episode 6 of Welcome to Wedding Hell starts with a shopping trip. Jun-hyeong accompanies his mum as she buys wedding gifts and begins to suspect her of intentionally going overboard to flaunt their status. She insists that she’s not, but when he’s out of sight, she asks a store assistant to leave a tag on a gift.

Na-eun’s friends wait with her at her parents’ house. Their conversation reveals that Jun-hyeong’s mum insisted that she send the first round of wedding gifts even though this is usually done by the bride’s family. When Na-eun doesn’t see this as a threat, Hui-seon cautions her to start reading between the lines.

Jun-hyeong arrives with the gifts, and Na-eun and her parents unwrap luxury item after luxury item. Na-eun is only touched that her mother-in-law has gone to such lengths.

When Hui-seon and Su-yeon take their leave, Hui-seon abruptly shoves Su-yeon into a cab. Confused, Su-yeon glances through the rear window and sees Hui-seon getting into a car with an unknown man.

Jun-hyeong, also on his way home, calls his mother. She enquires after Na-eun’s family’s reaction to the gifts.

Na-eun and her parents are ecstatic until they see the tag that’s been left on a mink coat. It reads 20,000,000 won. Na-eun’s mum, thinking back to the snide comments Jun-hyeong’s mum made about wedding gifts at their meeting, is sure that this was no oversight

The next morning, she presents Na-eun with a bank book – the balance being 50,000,000 won – and tells her to spend it all on wedding gifts.

Na-eun meets with Hui-seon to get her opinion. Hui-seon might have chalked it up to an accident if the tag hadn’t been on the mink coat, the prices of which are usually kept very private.

Na-eun visits Jun-hyeong’s parents’ apartment. Remembering Hui-seon’s warning about reading between the lines, Na-eun frets over everything Jun-hyeong’s mum says. When Na-eun follows her to the kitchen for a moment alone, Jun-hyeong sees a text from Hui-seon to Na-eun that estimates the total of the wedding gifts she received to be 80 million won.

Jun-hyeong’s mum notices how uncomfortable Na-eun is, and we flash back to her ending her call with Jun-hyeong the night before and proceeding to berate herself for acting so childishly. She pretends that the tag was not supposed to have the price still on it and tells Na-eun not to feel pressured.

The weight doesn’t lift from Na-eun’s shoulders, and Jun-hyeong’s expression is strange as he contemplates the text.

The Episode Review

We’ve actually managed to pretty much avoid the evil mother-in-law trope for once. And Jun-hyeong’s mum even had a moment of self-reflection – very refreshing. I would have been concerned if the drama had instead taken the beaten path because they’ve given us no reason for Jun-hyeong’s mum to dislike Na-eun in the first place.

Right now, I have to admit that I’m mostly interested in whether Hui-seon’s mystery man is Min-woo and, if so, how far their relationship has evolved.

There’s also Jun-hyeong’s weird reaction to Hui-seon’s text. Was he mad? Scheming? Or maybe this is just his usual brand of taking a completely left field approach to everything. We’ll have to wait until next week to tell.

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