Welcome to Wedding Hell – K-Drama Episode 5 Recap & Review

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Episode 5 of Welcome to Wedding Hell brings Na-eun’s parents back into the mix. Her mum worries that Jun-hyeong’s side will have more guests and congratulatory wreaths because his dad is an executive at a conglomerate. Na-eun’s dad suggests that they have a small wedding to avoid comparisons, but her mum absolutely loathes the idea.

Na-eun and Jun-hyeong scope out wedding venues. The first is a swanky hotel. Though Na-eun finds it beautiful, she is grounded by all the costs they would incur. Jun-hyeong, however, is ready to drop down the deposit right there.

Na-eun convinces him to at least look at the convention hall on their list – the one that hosted the wedding where she first told her friends she was thinking of marriage.

Jun-hyeong is unimpressed and pushes for the hotel, then any hotel. If he can produce a logical reason to have a hotel wedding, then Na-eun will agree. He has none.

When Jun-hyeong and Na-eun meet again that night, she’s got a trick up her sleeve. She pretends that, though she’s come around to the hotel idea, her dad is against it. Jun-hyeong is determined to persuade him, so they head to his real estate office.

Over some ramen, despite Na-eun’s attempts to intervene, Jun-hyeong asks for permission to get married in a hotel. Na-eun’s dad is confused at first, and it seems like Jun-hyeong will discover Na-eun’s deception. Her dad then switches to a heartfelt tone, saying that he’s embarrassed about the disparity between their families and doesn’t want people to judge Na-eun for it.

A lightbulb flicks on in Jun-hyeong’s head. Seeing the lights on in the office, Na-eun’s mum joins them just in time to hear his idea. Ready to say ‘small wedding’, Jun-hyeong only gets the first word out before Na-eun and her dad cut him off to avoid a disaster.

Na-eun stays behind to have a drink with her father. Having detected some truth in his voice, she tells him that she thinks her parents are amazing people and doesn’t want him to worry about the number of guests or wreaths.

Meanwhile, Jun-hyeong’s mum worries for her husband and family’s reputation with the wedding being held at a convention hall. Jun-hyeong promises to wholeheartedly accept her next opinion if she doesn’t fight it. This gives her a devious hope for the wedding gifts.

The Episode Review

It was good to see that Jun-hyeong didn’t have to apologise yet again at the end of this episode. Though, it was a little concerning that Na-eun’s deception wasn’t revealed to him – it seemed like we were being set up for a learning experience that never came with that one.

The last three episodes have been very focused on wedding expenses, and while I understand that money causes many problems when it comes to weddings, it’s getting repetitive. There are plenty of other emotionally taxing issues that weddings bring to the fore that we could explore. Give us some variety!

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