Welcome to Wedding Hell – K-Drama Episode 4 Recap & Review

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Episode 4 of Welcome to Wedding Hell begins with a nightmare. Na-eun’s sleeping mind conjures a creepy warehouse full of luxury items. She follows a trail of credit card statements to Jun-hyeong, who is burning them in a metal bin.

The real Jun-hyeong takes Na-eun dress shopping. He’s also surprisingly sensible, refusing the store assistant’s attempt to upsell him a tux. He’s got a new attitude towards wedding expenses, wanting to focus their money on the right things.

Na-eun later relays this development to her friends, her worries about the credit card statement laid to rest. Her friends go silent, and we flashback to Jun-hyeong sharing plans with them to throw Na-eun an extravagant bridal shower in a hotel suite.

Party preparations keep Jun-hyeong busy. He declines Na-eun’s invite to dinner and reschedules for the weekend, using overtime work as an excuse. Hui-seon and Su-yeon, the junior member of Na-eun’s trio, convince her that he must be working overtime to make up for their wedding expenses.

The rescheduled dinner arrives, and Na-eun shares how impressed she is with the apparent maturity Jun-hyeong showed by volunteering for overtime work. He’s unable to correct her.

Meanwhile, Min-woo meets Hui-seon and Su-yeon at the hotel suite to set up the decorations. He introduces himself like he’s laying out a dating profile, but then shoots his chances in the foot by taking the easy tasks. Hui-seon finally puts him in his place when he gets overly pedantic about balloon placement.

Min-woo signals Jun-hyeong when they’ve finished. Jun-hyeong takes Na-eun to the hotel, and they arrive to the others jumping out from behind a counter. Na-eun is thrilled until Min-woo – not reading the room – reveals that Jun-hyeong arranged the whole thing. Na-eun turns serious, asking for a moment alone with Jun-hyeong.

The others depart. Min-woo uses this as an opportunity to try and empathise with Su-yeon, thinking that she’s the divorcee, and manages to offend both her and Hui-seon.

Back in the suite, Jun-hyeong explains that his last credit card bill was high because of the proposal and family meeting. He concedes that the bridal shower was a bit much but wants to be able to overdo some things for their wedding. With a promise not to go overboard again, all is well.

In the lobby, Hui-seon dismisses Min-woo’s attempts to apologise until he catches her off-guard by saying that she’s awesome and charismatic. Na-eun calls the girls back to the suite before Hui-seon has to try and formulate a reply, but she seems to have been won over.

Min-woo explains to Jun-hyeong that his older sister, also a divorcee, told him about the prejudices she faces when attending weddings. Min-woo, expecting Hui-seon to be similarly uncomfortable, was taken by her sincere support.

Na-eun sends Jun-hyeong pictures from the bridal shower; his vision for the night has been realised.

The Episode Review

I said I wanted more hijinks and this episode, thankfully, delivered. There’s not a lot of substance behind this short drama (there’s basically none), and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change over its run, so it works best when it keeps things light and fun.

Min-woo is a character I’m surprised to say I’d like to see more of. He’s the type of guy that would probably get annoying fast if you were to meet him in real life, but in short doses his complaining is amusing, and his sincere streak this episode was touching.

Jun-hyeong might not like the idea of him getting involved with Hui-seon, but I’m ready to see a secondary relationship develop between them. Especially since she’s above taking anybody’s nonsense and nonsense forms the base of his whole personality.

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