Welcome to Wedding Hell – K-Drama Episode 3 Recap & Review

Drag Bunt

Episode 3 of Welcome to Wedding Hell begins with Min-woo’s declaration that Jun-hyeong has failed to surprise Na-eun with a drag blunt when it comes to discussing finances. Jun-hyeong has apparently decided on a different strategy.

It quickly becomes apparent that Na-eun is completely oblivious about Jun-hyeong’s finances and does not have a plan for the division of the wedding costs. Hui-seon urges her to right this as soon as possible.

During the car ride to a wedding showroom, Na-eun tries to bring up savings with Jun-hyeong, but it comes out more like a brag. She’s left no wiser than she was before.

At the showroom, Jun-hyeong jumps to buy whatever Na-eun likes with no regard for the big price tags. She eventually pulls him aside and suggests a budget. Or she tries to. He adamantly refuses, not wanting to end up with regrets later. By the time they get to a travel booth, she’s taken to sulking.

At work the next day, Jun-hyeong’s obnoxious seniors instruct him to keep a tight lid on his finances and his authorisation certificates, warning that Na-eun will morph into a warden.

Jun-hyeong and Na-eun both wind up at dinner that night with money on their minds. Na-eun quickly deflates when she realises that Jun-hyeong has jumped past wedding costs and all the way to their future finances. She trusts Jun-hyeong’s aptitude for investing and is willing to let him take control, but he pushes for separate finances. She agrees but is visibly uncomfortable.

Na-eun gets home, where her mum makes her realise that she needs to be upfront about her feelings. Meanwhile, Jun-hyeong goes drinking with his seniors and has finally had enough of their loathsome blather.

He leaves in a huff, wanting to see Na-eun. It turns out she’s already waiting for him at his apartment. They talk openly and decide to handle their finances separately but transparently.

Na-eun also produces a status report on her finances, which she made after her realisation, and explains that she’s been trying to propose a joint wedding budget. Jun-hyeong agrees and will have his own report ready by next week. He also implores Na-eun to share her worries with him from now on.

Everything is perfect until Na-eun catches a glance at Jun-hyeong’s credit card statement. It reads 33,355,790 won . . .

The Episode Review

We got a big bogged down in money talk this time around. And when I say ‘talk’, I really mean it. Much of this episode consisted of someone or other giving (sometimes decent, sometimes horrible, increasingly tedious) money advice, and I would have liked to see more hijinks akin to last episode’s family meeting instead.

The couple’s reunion after they both came to their senses was easily the highlight of this episode. Their emotional reactions so far have stayed firmly in the safety zone, so it was nice to see a little intensity leak into their hug after Jun-hyeong realised that he’d been a bit unfair. Hopefully we’ll see more of this in the episodes to come.

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