Welcome to Wedding Hell – K-Drama Episode 11 Recap & Review

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Episode 11 of Welcome to Wedding Hell begins by showing us just how wrecked Na-eun and Jun-hyeong have been since their breakup.

As she packs up remnants of her relationship, Na-eun’s inner monologue explains that she felt the end coming so she decided to beat fate to the punchline.

Jun-hyeong’s mum tries to get him to talk, wanting to smooth things over before the wedding. He doesn’t say a word. Still in the dark about the breakup, she senses that something is very wrong.

Jun-hyeong’s mum pays Na-eun’s parents a visit at their office. Na-eun’s dad apologises for his wife’s behaviour, but she stays stubbornly silent. Jun-hyeong’s mum gives her own apology, and they move on to trying to puzzle out what happened between their children.

Na-eun breaks the bad news to her friends. Hui-seon gives Na-eun space at first but later tells her to call Jun-hyeong. When Na-eun turns her head at the idea, Hui-seon advises her to figure out whether she dislikes Jun-hyeong or their situation.

Jun-hyeong finally starts speaking to his mum again, though he still doesn’t tell her the details. Their conversation also reminds him why he knew he wanted to marry Na-eun from the moment he met her – simply because she was herself.

Drunk and sad, Na-eun collapses in the doorway of her parents’ house and tells them about her breakup. They don’t believe her, and the reason becomes clear when she spots Jun-hyeong standing behind them.

Na-eun goes outside with Jun-hyeong, the alcohol making her pouty and childish. He refuses to break up with her, proclaiming his love for her and asking her to work things out with him as they go.

While Na-eun is concerned that they’ll fight again, Jun-hyeong has already accepted it as inevitable. He eases Na-eun’s fears with the fact that he’s not fighting because of her but because it’s her. With that, they reconcile.

Also imbued with the spirit of reconciliation is Na-eun’s mum, who meets Jun-hyeong’s mum with a proper apology. They sort their relationship out sincerely and promise to treat their children well.

There is another joint family meeting where all the parents apologise for the trouble and agree to stay out of the couple’s home plans. Jun-hyeong and Na-eun also apologise together and give out their first wedding invitations – one for each pair of parents with a special extra card thanking them.

The couple promises to do well going forward and smiles break out as drinks are poured.

The Episode Review

This took us a step closer to the light-hearted tone of earlier episodes. As expected, the breakup was a (very) temporary glitch in the wedding plans. Its best by-product turned out to be the ceasefire and eventual makeup between the two mothers-in-law, and it was endearing to watch them be so frank with each other about their issues.

On the other hand, Na-eun and Jun-hyeong’s big reunion discussion fell short of establishing healthy ways to communicate and deal with issues in the future, instead only paying lip service to the fact that there will be disagreements. Without the tools to face another problem like this head-on, how can we be sure that they won’t be in the exact same position later?

Either way, it seems like the final episode will give us a non-threatening conflict to spice up the big day.

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