Welcome to Wedding Hell – K-Drama Episode 10 Recap & Review

Suspended Game  

Episode 10 of Welcome to Wedding Hell drops us right back into the standoff. Jun-hyeong’s mum acts oblivious while Na-eun’s mum won’t let her get away with making Na-eun uncomfortable so easily.

Jun-hyeong finally snaps, telling his mum not to scold Na-eun and blaming himself for all the tension. Hearing this, Na-eun clutches his arm with sad eyes, but he shrugs her off and drags his mum away.

That night, Na-eun heads to Jun-hyeong’s apartment building, thinking about the fight, but turns away at the door. She just misses Jun-hyeong, who returns after venting his frustration in a batting cage.

Jun-hyeong is so spaced out at work the following day that he receives a gentle but firm reprimand from his superior. He confesses to Min-woo that he feels like forgetting about the marriage and hiding out somewhere. As if to remind him that this isn’t a possibility, a text alert reads that tomorrow is his wedding shoot.

Na-eun receives the same reminder. She tells Hui-seon that she feels as though she’s at the edge of a cliff and one mistake would send her over.

This bothers Hui-seon enough to end the silent treatment that she had been giving Min-woo. He uses this as an opportunity to find out that the mysterious car she got into was her ex-husband’s, and she still has a home loan debt to settle with him.

Getting down to business, Hui-seon plans to take Na-eun to a pub and instructs Min-woo to do the same with Jun-hyeong, her logic being that the alcohol might negate all the wedding stress and help them make up.

It doesn’t. Both Na-eun and Jun-hyeong are awkward and quiet the entire night. Na-eun hails a cab home, and Min-woo gestures for Jun-hyeong to get in the backseat with her.

Once they’ve left, Min-woo offers to take Hui-seon home in his car. The colour suggests that he owns two, and this seems to pique Hui-seon’s interest.

In the cab, Jun-hyeong asks Na-eun when he should pick her up for their shoot. After a long silence, she decides to make her own way there.

The wedding shoot itself is basically a disaster. No matter how much the photographer coaxes, there are no happy smiles. Jun-hyeong pulls Na-eun aside to talk halfway through, but this only makes it worse between them.

The poses get more intimate, and they get stiffer. Na-eun stops the shoot, telling Jun-hyeong that she wanted to get married to see how they’d grow old together, but now she doesn’t want to know what they’d be like after fighting and hurting each other.

Then Na-eun says the worst thing: let’s break up.

The Episode Review

Things have spun even further out of control, and this wedding is now hanging on by a thread. If we had started on a more sincere foot, then I would have even predicted that we were heading towards a permanent separation. But we’ve had nowhere near enough depth for that to be a fulfilling conclusion, and it would be a drastic – a tad too much so – tonal pivot.

Na-eun and Jun-hyeong really haven’t learnt much, both falling into the same patterns during their final fight. Though, it didn’t seem to have enough fuel to end an engagement, so it was confusing when they refused to talk to each other afterwards. Then again, this is a couple that likes to blow things out of proportion.

With two 30-minute episodes left, let’s see how they repave their path to the altar.

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