Welcome to Samdal-ri – K-drama Episode 14 Recap & Review

When Your Tears Dry Out

Episode 14 of Welcome to Samdal-ri begins with Mi-ja’s funeral in the past. This was a period where everyone was consumed by sadness. Everyone dealt with this in their own way, which explains the scene with Sam-dal and Yomg-pil crying out on the hill when they were in school. The final scene lingers on Mi-ja with her two buoys, down by the water and grieving.

Back in the present, the sisters clean up the mess left behind by Sang-tae. However, they’re both shocked when they learn the real reason Sam-dal and Yong-pil broke up. Hae-dal comments how they aren’t an ordinary couple, and it’s hard to disagree! They’ve been together since birth and they share a special bond.

That bond is made all the stronger when Sam-dal throws her arms around Yong-pil down by the shore, catching us up to the moments we left off with last episode. Sam-dal now realizes there was never a moment he wasn’t there for her, given he always watched over her and made sure that Sam-dal was okay. Him showing up at the gallery, and reading her magazines; all of this culminates in Yong-pil telling her: “You mean so much to me, I didn’t forget about you.”

As a result of this, Sam-dal proposes that they don’t do this one-sided love anymore. They’re going to fully be in love with each other and decide to make this work. Yong-pil reassures her that despite his father’s reluctance to give them his blessing, they’re going to continue this regardless.

Sang-do, having been the third wheel here the whole time, decides to drown his sorrows in alcohol. He’s realized that he never had a chance and he’s been chasing after someone whose heart belongs to another. He doesn’t want to get between Yong-pil and Sam-dal either, and despite how hard this is for him to take, he’s going to back off now.

With the pair an official couple, Sam-dal breaks the news to her sisters back home that morning. They’re super happy for her, and even Mi-ja is pleased too. She holds her hand and tells her she did well to follow her heart, smiling tentatively.

Yong-pil gets everything set up ready to go camping, a promise he made several days back to Sam-dal. Now that they’re an official couple, it seems like the perfect way to solidify their relationship. Mi-ja heads over to see Sang-tae to give him more food, and tries to get through to him. She’s bottled up her feelings for long enough and now, Mi-ja is not going to hold back with him. After speaking her mind, and dropping off all this food, she heads back home.

Yong-pil speaks to his father and explains the food on the table, and encourages him to come out and eat it, given he made it for her. With Sang-tae slowly but surely softening up, thanks in part to a chat with his own mum, hilarious drama ensues with the camping trip. Sam-dal’s girls show up and decide they’re going to join her. Unfortunately, this whole romantic charade has blown up in their faces, and Yong-pil struggles to shake the disappointment he feels.

However, that disappointment turns to amusement when Sam-dal’s work friends comment how different she is now on Jeju Island. She’s more relaxed and at ease here. However, the pair also don’t wat to work anywhere else either, given they have so much respect for what Sam-dal has done with her career. Eventually though she admits the truth, that she’s dating Yong-pil… but they don’t want her to share the same tent with him.

Elsewhere, Dae-young receives bad news from AS Group. His credit card has been declined. As a result, he’s got to spend the night in a run-down motel. Jin-dal sees him exit in the morning and she’s surprised by this turn of events. At the same time, Sang-tae ends up butting heads with Pan-sik, who provokes the guy regarding Mi-ja and how he’s processing his grief (or not, as the case may be). Eventually Sang-yae snaps and points out that some days he forgets what his wife even looked like and he stares at her photos for hours.

Back home, after their camping, Yong-pil likens how Sam-dal is his Mi-ja. He can’t live without her and just like Sang-tae can’t live without his wife, so too is the case with Yong-pil regarding his girlfriend. His father says nothing and instead, heads into his room.

Meanwhile, Ha-yul suggests a pretty necklace for her mum to wear, while she heads out to meet Ji-chan at the Dolphin Center. Whilst there, Ha-yul gets to work drawing while Hae-dal entertains the idea of diving with her mum, on the back of Ji-chan’s suggestion for her to be there for Mi-ja.

At work, Yong-pil contemplates submitting an application for the World Meteorological Organization. He’s been eyeing this up for a while, and his boss suggests he go ahead and sign up. However, he’s distracted when his father suddenly doesn’t show up to work. Even worse, everything is gone from the house too, including the picture of Mi-ja and all of his clothes. He’s off at the temple right now, as it turns out, and Yong-pil is disappointed. Yong-pil is at a crossroads and unsure what to do anymore.

Sam-dal takes the initiative and shows up at the temple to see Sang-tae herself. She knows he doesn’t hate her, given he used to wish she was his daughter. Sam-dal admits she came her to say something – she’s not going to resent him no matter how much he hates her. She’s going to wait for him to be ready and accept her into the family. And in doing so, hold Yong-pil’s hand tightly.

After bowing, she explains that she’s always going to love Yong-pil. It’s always been him and she’s going to love him until she dies. This, as it turns out, are the same words that Sang-tae used toward Mi-ja all those years ago. And this moment. This right here, is enough for his big walls to come tumbling down. Sang-tae realized how stupid he’s been all this time and lets go of his anger. He rushes out the temple and sees Sam-dal and Yong-pil standing together.

Sang-tae calls over to them, smiling, and tells them they have his blessing. He’s okay for them to be together now. Is someone cutting onions in here?

During the epilogue, we cut across to Eun-ju who decides to phone the reporter over on Jeju Island and cause trouble.

The Episode Review

The journey Sang-tae has taken from being a grief-stricken, angry man to accepting Sam-dal and Yong-pil’s love has been one of the best parts of this drama. We mentioned before about Mi-ja surrounding herself with people she loves and Sang-tae’s destructive behaviour has certainly caused an issue that’s caused grief to engulf everyone he comes in contact with.

This time though, he finally opens his eyes and his long, arduous journey finally sees those walls come tumbling down as he realizes what he’s been blind to see all this time. Sam-dal and Yong-pil are meant for one another, that much is clear, and that love is hard to come by.

The drama involving the supporting characters, including Hae-dal and Jin-dal continues to tick by, although personally it would be nice to see more of Hae-dal’s struggles as she doesn’t get an awful lot of screen-time and her character is really fascinating, especially as a young mum with Ha-yul.

However, that’s a minor quibble in what’s otherwise been a really solid drama. With the final week upon us, exciting times lie ahead!

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