Welcome To Eden – Season 2 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

First Contact

Episode 8 of Welcome to Eden season 2 begins this finale with most of our characters reeling. With the rebellion in pieces, Astrid learning the truth about Molly’s real identity as Gabi, and with the assassination a failure, the fate of Eden hangs in the balance.

Zoa’s bomb fails, and she’s surrounded by guards, led by Joel, who show up and take them out. Both Bel and Zoa are shipped off, their plan a failure, while Astrid wraps her slimy hands around Isaac, right in front of Nuria no less. Unfortunately, Astrid’s influence extends to Erick too, convincing him that he doesn’t really care for Africa and she was just a sordid affair. Given Africa has been relegated to Astrid’s “assistant” (see: slave), it doesn’t look good for her.

Who sold Zoa and Bel out?

On the road, Zoa and Bel realize that they’ve been sold out, explaining why Isaac was at the compound. The latter believes it could be Eva, given she was supposed to be on lookout duties to warn if anyone was coming… and no one did.

It turns out Joel and his men haven’t done a particularly good job of actually checking the girls, as they happen to have a radio on them. Instead of calling for help, they patch through to Eva who simply says “sorry”. However, it’s not her that sold them out, it was Gabi. When the pair figure it out, Gabi claims that she was threatened and forced into selling out the rebellion… but that’s not true either.

In reality, Gabi decided she had a real home with Astrid and put her trust in the cult leader. Gabi sold them out in exchange for a better life.

What’s going to happen to Zoa and Bel?

Meanwhile, Isaac is driven back to Eden while Nuria is killed. Time is running out, and nowhere else is that more evident than back on the mainland as Brisa, whom we’ve been following on and off across the season, races to try and save those on the island. She has a whole file, a big envelope with the word “Eden” written on the side.

Astrid shows up to see Bel and Zoa, attempting to play them off one another. When she brings up Gabi, Zoa tries to keep her poker-face, but you can see the cracks showing. Speaking of cracks, Astrid speaks to all the Eden members and tells them that Bel and Zoa are going to be “taken off the island” as they were the rebels and they’re going to be dealt with now.

Charly is livid and tries to find a gun to get revenge, but Mayka urges him not to, pleading with him to trust her. She brings him to the control room, where she shows off a montage she’s made of them. She pleads with him to “behave” given they can have a good life together if they don’t do this rebellion malarkey. As a result, the pair start kissing.

How does Welcome to Eden season 2 end?

Zoa and Bel are led out to the familiar hole, where they’re prepared to be killed. Just before the killing blow, Gabi gives a compelling argument to spare the two, claiming that Astrid is her real mother and she’ll follow her teachings. Just before Bel is killed… a helicopter approaches. Brisa happens to be inside, and she notices everything. As they prepare to land, Astrid keeps a cool head and decides to introduce them all to Eden.

While this is going on, Danae finds the communication room. She plugs in a USB drive and the antenna creaks and moves, shutting the doors behind her. However, when the doors reopen again, Isaac is standing before her.

The Episode Review

So the final episode once more ends on a cliffhanger and leaves the door open for a potential follow-up. We do get some answers this time around though, namely what Brisa is up to, Danae’s part to play in this tale, along with what’s happening in the rebellion too. It’s fair to assume that Brisa and Astrid are about to go toe to toe in the next season, should this be renewed, with the fate of Eden and all the kids hanging in the balance.

In terms of content, there’s definitely more in the way of drama and action this time, but the longer episodes have the adverse effect of unnecessarily dragging out some of the plot. The whole rebellion inevitably ended up having a fair few contrivances, while Africa, despite being billed as the main character last time around, is essentially relegated to a supporting character this time.

The big cliffhanger should be enough to entice people to stick around should this be renewed, but it’s also rather frustrating not to actually get a conclusive finish to this one.


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